Sunday, March 13, 2011

Under the Table and Reading Until Spring

Surprisingly, I woke up very early this morning considering we sprung ahead an hour. I came into the kitchen to make my a.m. Joe when the crumbs on the floor and dust on the stove got to me. I started cleaning and became annoyed thinking that as soon as the kids and hubby got up, the floors and counters would appear as if I'd never even cleaned them. But fortunately I caught myself in the midst of my negative thoughts and reminded myself that this year's project is to find the positives in life vs focusing on the challenges.

What does a dirty house with crumbs on the floor and dirty bibs on the counter really mean? It is a house fully lived in. A house where there is constant foot traffic. A house where love runs in and out every day.

A sparkly clean house would merely mean I was putting more importance on what visitors thought of me than spending time being fully present to my kids. Or, it could mean a house that is not open to receiving love because I'm not filling it with friends and family who I enjoy spending time with.

As I swept old peas and Cheerios into the dust pan I smiled. My house is a house that is FULL.

And speaking of full---the past two weeks have been chock-full of celebration. Why?  Spring is just around the corner and us Northeasterners deserve it more than ever this year! How have we been celebrating in the Menoni household?

We jumped on the mattress with our friend Carly after Pop Pop and BaBa left.

We went to visit the seals and penguins at the Maritime Aquarium before they head out for more appealing temperatures.

Emerson and I had a tea party while big brother rested. (We have tea parties with big brother too but enjoy having our own as he likes to hog all of the tea cups).

(My girl knows just what to do)

After our tea party, I told her that I needed to get some work done so she'd have to play alone for a bit. About 30 seconds into my emails I saw this next to my chair....

(I mean, could you resist?!)

Then she pulled out the full-on scrunch nose for me and my heart melted....

I picked her up and loved on her because it's what she needed. After a good snuggle I put her back down and told her that "Mommy needs just two more minutes." About 15 seconds later I felt a knockin' on my tooshie....

Although it can be challenging sometimes to get just a minute to ourselves as moms, I know there will come a day when I will look back on these times and relish to have one of those sweet little faces looking at me craving nothing but my love. 

Nothing says Spring like eggs so we have been making a lot of them!

Hunter has always loved eggs but he has become very interested in helping mommy cook them. At the suggestion of his school director's, we looked up eggs on the Internet which led us to a You Tube video. After watching it several times a day he knows how to make Gordon Ramsey's perfect scrambled eggs. 

Not only is Hunter mastering his cooking skills, but much to my chagrin, he has also mastered throwing his food or cup off of his tray multiple times during a meal. I've become a broken record asking, "where does our food go?" to which he always answers "on our plate." (I try to focus on the positive vs the negative with discipline).

Today, after he threw his empty egg bowl on the floor I said in my stern Mommy voice, "Hunter? Where  does our food stay?" to which he did this......

I'm pretty sure he thought I couldn't see him. It took every ounce of my being not to bust out laughing! But, rest assured, he still was aware that our food stays on our plate--he just likes to test me a few times a day to make sure I'm on my toes. 

Another way we are commemorating the arrival of Spring is eating lots and lots of berries.

I asked Hunter to smile and I got this....

Do warmer temperatures mean less sibling rivalry? Earlier this week the kids were playing so nicely together that I started taking photos. Typically, Hunter is hitting Emerson on the head with his harmonica. 

As I was taking photos a full-on crayon fight broke out. And little sister has decided she's not taking any more smack from her big bro.

I don't think I need to tell you who won.

I thought I had clean floors until I saw this....yikes!

(Somebody get the Swiffer out!)

I built a fort for us to get inside and read books. A flashlight always helps to lure them in....

Notice Sissy in the background. She loves to do anything her big brother is doing.

Or maybe she just wanted to show who was in charge of the flashlight.

They loved it! 

Before we know it we'll be enjoying sunshine, walks on the beach, sand between our toes and ice cream. But for now, we'll enjoy being warm and cozy in our crumb-and-love-filled home until Spring arrives.

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  1. Makes me want to jump on the bed too!!! love those cuties!! :)


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