Friday, January 11, 2013

Super Hero Hunter Turns 4!

My boy turned four. It feels like yesterday that he was a small toddler running away from me in a hysterical fit of giggles as I chased him through school, parking lots and our kitchen.

I know he’s a boy now. How? When I say, “Please stop Hunter”, he stops, turns around and looks me in the eye. I’m thankful those days of chasing are behind me (for now) but I ache a little thinking about how quickly they grow.

Hunter had been talking so much about Super Heroes that the theme felt perfectly suited.

We used our Super Hero chalk drawing as the invitation and when guests arrived we wanted them to know they were at the right place.
Based on inspiration from Pinterest, we created a city skyline perfect for photo ops or Super Hero flying. 

 (Black tablecloth from the $1 store and buildings made from cardboard boxes taking up space in our basement, spray painted black with square pieces of vinyl tape added for windows.)
(My little guy never once complained about his mask. He wore it with pride. Yup, he knows where his bottle comes from.)

(This Dad got in on the fun wearing a Superman T and press badge 
with his name: Clark Kent.)

Fun Super Hero d├ęcor and activities surrounded the guests inside.
 (Super Hero books, Spider Man glitter playdoh, tattoos, and make your own Super Hero mask.)

 A photo collage in the shape of the number four as a homage to our Super Boy served as the backdrop to the food.
The menu consisted of; Super Hero Sandwiches, Catwoman Claws (Bugles), Bat Pellets (chocolate covered raisins), Spider Bites (Ritz crackers with peanut butter and pretzels), Super Cookies in Disguise (white chocolate covered Oreos with black icing mustaches), Kryptonite Punch (green fruit punch) and Power POP! Punch (blue Gatorade that changed colors and popped when Pop Rocks were dropped into it).

(The idea for the Spider Bites came from this adorable blog.)

While some of us opted to stay inside, 
Daddy led the kids through an outdoor Super Hero Obstacle course. They had to jump into rings, walk a zig zag balance beam, defend each other against a Green Shirted Monster, practice their water gun aim at a Super Hero mask tied to a tree, and, finally, break through a wall of giant boxes. These guys and gals are definitely ready to defend any bad guys that come their way!
(These two little guys stick together. The third wheel is Hunter’s suitcase that goes with him just about everywhere.)

(One word: gorgeous.)

(We did not stage this shot but it sure looks like it!)

After every last box had been crushed we went inside for cake and more fun.

(I made the little guy’s Super Hero outfit from an old onesie, iron-on felt and leftover fabric from Dave’s childhood chair for the cape. 
He looked SUPER cute.)

(How cool is this gift wrap?!?!)

When our friends left we gave them a super cool Super Hero band to say thanks. 

Felt Superhero/Halloween/Character Theme Party Favor Wristbands
Felt Superhero/Halloween/Character Theme Party Favor WristbandsFelt Superhero/Halloween/Character Theme Party Favor WristbandsFelt Superhero/Halloween/Character Theme Party Favor WristbandsFelt Superhero/Halloween/Character Theme Party Favor Wristbands

(These adorable bands were made by the super talented and sweet Brandi from MyFamilyTies on etsy.)

When all is said and done and the Super Hero masks come off, it's the power of his smile that gets me every time.

 Happy Birthday beautiful boy. You are the sunshine to my rainy days, the sprinkles on my chocolate ice cream and the music to my dance. I love you Buddy!

“Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of YOU to the world.” -Anonymous


  1. Awwwww....sweet post! And I'm not just saying that bc you flattered me so! :) Fun party for a fun boy!!

  2. How much fun is this! My little guy is right into Super Hero's. I may have to borrow a few ideas :)


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