Monday, January 21, 2013

Third Annual New New Year's Eve Party

Its already mid-January, but I’m still having fond memories of another fun New Year’s Eve and didn't want any more time to pass before I posted photos. To find out how this “new” tradition began, read this.

The night was full of family, friends, confetti, good food, champagne and laughter. 
(Hats, noise makers, Baby Cash’s tux, and drinks on ice.)

Gold, silver and black were the colors of the night.

(Mason jars, glitter and spray adhesive helped make quick centerpieces. Dave did a run to the local bodega for flowers equipped with only two demands requests: "fluffy" and "white". He delivered.)
 We had fancy head wear, sparklers and glow-in-the-dark-but-didn't-glow-in-the-dark bracelets (a proclaimed die-hard Dollar store fan, I've finally found something that's not so great from there), and plastic champagne glasses for the kids to make ice cream soda floats. (Best laid plans. The night ended and I looked over and saw the glasses still sitting there. Well, the good news is, I've been eating tons of yummy ice cream since...)
(I added a few festive touches to the flowers using foam stars leftover from our Super Hero Party, pipe cleaners twisted around pencils to create swirls, and white duct tape to adhere them to skewer sticks.)
I created matching hippie headbands for E and me but things got a little hectic so I didn’t have an opportunity to experiment with my hair. Hers looked darn cute though and she loved it!

What made this party truly fun were the loved ones that surrounded us...

 (Magic tricks with Daddy.)
(Daddy's talking. Meanwhile...)
(Thanks Andrea for coming every year, we love having you be a part of it!)
(Hunter performed the best magic trick of the night when he let his conductor hat loose with a motorized car inside. It became a magic hat that chased us all and he was pretty stoked.)
 These two met as babies and have been fast friends ever since. It makes me tear up to see just how fast time has flown in two short years...
 We wrapped the night up with a countdown and confetti throw. 
After some clean up and crown adjusting, 
we ended the night with an impromptu magic show, 

said our goodbyes and left the kids with our good friend, Gaina, so we could enjoy an adults-only dinner with our friends Amy and Neil (a.k.a our CT family. We spend three holidays a year together and were lucky enough to check another one off this year--Christmas. Yep, the biggie. We ate their food, trashed their playroom, spit up on their carpet and they still ask us back for more. We love you guys!!)
Cheers to another 356 days of being blessed to LIVE.
2013 - We can't wait to see what you have in store for us....
“Write it on your heart that each day is the best day of the year.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Such a fun party! My kids look forward to it and so do I! Awesome pictures too!! Must be from that fancy camera your husband spoiled you with this year!! xo

  2. Hi Brooke
    I am writing a story for the Associated Press about people that have annual parties. I'd like to interview if you are interested, please email me at


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