Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Emerson's Wizard of Oz 2nd Birthday Party

“If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with.” 
-L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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Dorothy was right.  There really is no place like home. 

Although my kids and I love going to parties at gyms, playgrounds, and pools, I still enjoy having our birthday parties at our favorite place--our own home. 

Nothing is better than filling its rooms with special people that make life BIG and GRAND and watching children with colored-frosted mouths running around with excitement. Then, after the party ends you can get together at the table and talk about all of the details that made it a memorable day. 

And, if you're really lucky, you'll be left with sparkly, red glitter all over your floor as another reminder of the love that you were blessed enough to have filling your home.
Emerson's 1st "Pirates and Fairies" birthday party was a blast and this year was no exception. 

This is the way birthday girl woke up....
until we reminded her it was her big day. 
Fortunately, Dave understands that I need my littles out of the house to pull together the final preparations for parties. He kindly took the kids out for an adventurous day so Kathleen, Grammy and I could put the final touches on Emerson's special day. 

In the midst of our party planning, I was able to sneak away and pick up my little brother from the airport. It was an exceptional time catching up with each other on the ride home and was one of the highlights of my day. 
Once we arrived home, I put him hard to work after letting him squeeze in a quick nap. (I love you Joshie!)

Preparations had been underway a couple of weeks before the party and we were able to get it all wrapped up just before the first guest arrived. 
(All of the adorable printables are from Kallie at Krown Kreations & Celebrations - the same talented lady who made my beautiful fascinator hat 
for our NYC Tea Party.)

Guests were greeted with a sign that told them to "Follow the Yellow Brick Road." (Yellow craft paper purchased online, rolled out by one uber-cool brother and held down by rocks since it was a breezy day). 
Our Munchkinland was represented by beautiful glittery covered lollipops made by Kathleen. (I fell so in love with these that I told her we had to find a way to display them somewhere else in our house after the party!)
(Inspiration for these awesome lollipops came from here.)

I was really happy with how our table and mantle decor turned out and it was definitely a team effort! 
(Just when you thought Kathleen couldn't get any better, she busted out this chalk drawing of the Emerald City based on my thirty-second description of the overall window creative vision in my head. My mom thought to add the masking tape to give it the 3D effect which really brought it to life.)
(Growing up I had a huge fascination with the Wizard of Oz so all of the collectibles and beautiful keepsake music boxes are mine. Thanks Mom and Dad!)

We served homemade candy apples,
white-chocolate-drizzled, colorful-sprinkle covered popcorn, pink sugar-dusted Glinda Marshmallows, 
multicolored gumballs, Over the Rainbow Marshmallows, a variety of lollipops galore,
and, of course, cupcakes. 

(The beautiful cupcake topper blocks are from January Hart on etsy. Pictured on the blocks is Emerson in her very first Halloween Dorothy costume created 
by my sweet etsy friend Jen.)
Emerald City Punch,
and Auntie Em's Lemonade.
(Me and the hubs back in the day headed to a Halloween soiree in NYC.)
(The playbill from the first time Dave took me to see Wicked at 
the Gershwin in NYC.)
And what takes a party from fun to incredibly special is the friends and family that surround you.
(Me and my mom--a.k.a Grammy.)
(Kathleen-Have you ever seen a prettier Dorothy?)
(Our friends-slash-family that have remained by our side since pre-kids.)

The birthday girl arrives....
(I had my talented friend Jen from Sew Snazzy Stitches on etsy make this outfit for Emerson. Jen is also the talent behind E's first Dorothy costume which we featured on her cupcake toppers and her fun 50's Poodle Skirt costume.)
And the handsome big brother who, although claims its his birthday most every day of the week, generously gave up this special day to Sissy.
(The fedora is from our good friend Gaina and the vintage Wizard of Oz T 

My adorable hubs who puts up with my party planning obsession.
(Emerson's topper from Fairy Brats Creations.)
Dorothy Wizard of Oz mini top hat

(I made Emerson's birthday banner using rope, gingham ribbon and red, glitter covered clothespins to hang photos documenting her growth from one to two years. The onesie stickers are from 
Purple Possom on etsy.)

(My Poppy necklace is from Larisa on etsy
She has such unique and beautiful things!)

Shortly after all of the guests had arrived and the kids were clearly on sugar highs, we took them on a scavenger hunt to find their way home to cupcakes from the Emerald City.
First task at hand: Scarecrow Throwdown! The kids were divided into two teams to build a scarecrow using hay, pants, flannel shirts and hats. 

After the Poppy Hunt, they were led over to a big birch tree where they had to pin the heart on the Tin Man.

Then, finally to the Emerald City where they all clicked their heels three times and repeated, 
"There's No Place Like Home,
     There's No Place Like Home,
          There's No Place Like Home
                And No Place Like Home with a side of Cupcakes!"

(Our Emerald City was one of my kids Cardboard Castles that they had been busy decorating for weeks. We spray painted it green then coated with Spray Adhesive and green glitter.)
(The green grass was left over from our Bear Hunt.)
Activities for the kids included:

(During the party we found Hunter sitting down in the middle of a sea of people reading one of his favorite books, "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.")
Scavenger hunts and activities completed we toasted the birthday girl with festive singing and cupcakes.
(Emerson's ruby red slipper necklace from my friend-slash-sister-slash-mentor-slash-the-bees-knees-slash-amazing friend Robin.)
(I adore this picture!)

(E's gorgeous hat by GlamHatter on etsy.)
Emerson, you are our sweet, fiercely independent, deeply loving, #1 hugging, got-the-sickest-dance moves,  most giving, sports-cars-building blocks-jewelery-hat-and-condiment obsessed, smiley girl who not only knows a great pair of shoes when she sees them but wins the hearts of all of those around her the minute she smiles.
You have always been my YES girl and you are going to continue to conquer the world. I love you!

“To please a child is a sweet and lovely thing that warms one's heart and 
brings its own reward.” 
-L.Frank Baum

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  1. I LOVE IT!! The photography is classic!! Amazing how you capture so much in just a couple of hours!

  2. WOW!!!! What an awesome party! I love all the Wizard of Oz details you included. I bet the kids had a blast! Thanks so much for linking my Etsy shop under the pictures and for all of your business. I really enjoy making items for little ones, but it's even better when I get to see the pictures of them wearing it. I'm a new follower to your blog, so I can't wait to see more cute stuff you find on Etsy:).
    Take care,
    aka Sew Snazzy Stitches

  3. Thanks for all the details. Looks like it was a blast. Cute idea about the yellow brick road, and those lollipops are too cute!!

    Love the activities and "games" as well. How fun.


  4. LOVE the party. Such great detail. I also love all the family pictures you included. Such joy.
    BloomDesigns Online

  5. Hi Brooke! The party looked amazing! You really have attention for the details. I love all the personal touches like the framed pic of you and the hubby and all the memorabilia. You have a sweet family! And great to see "Miss Julia" again, this time as Grammy!

  6. What an AMAZING party! Such a unique theme, and you really went the distance. I'm bookmarking this; maybe one of my boys will be into Oz when they get older.

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    Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times :-)

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  11. AWESOME job on the party!! Very creative!

  12. Every party seems to outdo the last! I am so glad I have been able to be an attendee at these operations! You think of everything. Although I lamely walked around shooting pics everywhere I saw someone standing "still"... there are many shots that came from another camera.....the calendar says "Mother's Day" is soon......I would greatly enjoy some of these. Hint! You looked beautiful all dressed in red, and little Emerson, well what can we say, but "my, oh my" what a cutie!

  13. Looked great and as someone else said here, you got a lot into a couple of hours.
    Our five year-old went to a mobile kids reptile party on the weekend and in two hours they held an array of snakes, crocodiles and the like.
    Like you, we made sure we got pictures of the occasion as the kids gpow up so fast!

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