Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Months & Christmas Baths

Can you believe it? He’s already over seven months. 

Although it feels as if it was just yesterday he entered into our lives, it also seems as if he’s always been a part of us. He fits perfectly and we can hardly remember life before him.
With three little elves running around its been challenging to do all of the activities I have swirling around in my mind. Pinterest has only fueled my creative juices and I seriously lay in bed awake at night excited about all of the new ideas I’d like to try in between toddler meals, chasing babies and changing diapers. 

Just before Christmas I decided to surprise the kids with a Christmas bath. It took less than ten minutes to throw together during nap time and they loved it.
-Peppermint scented water colored with red food coloring
-Holiday window decals from the $1 store that we already had (has anyone else thought to use these in the bath tub? Genius!)
-Shaving cream to make Frosty the Snowman
-A string of colorful lights 
-Scented pine cones I’ve had since last year and never used (my kids love exploring with their sense of smell)
-A bowl of shaving cream I colored with green food coloring and small spoons
-Red and green balloons
We talked and played for a full hour before the hitting and hair pulling started….it gave Mommy an easy segue to talking about keeping the Christmas spirit. 
We finished off with an easy snack idea I found on Pinterest.

Unfortunately, the kids claimed they didn’t like it although neither tried it. 

Fortunately, this worked in my favor—I mean, what woman won’t say yes to leftover spreadable cheese? Especially when it’s paired with crackers and a side of vino.

Here’s hoping the remainder of your holidays are warm and bubbly, colorfully festive, laced with peppermint-and-iced-snow smells, and free of hair pulling and hitting. 

 “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.” – Thomas Aquinas

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