Friday, December 21, 2012

Sense and Disconnect

We have been without a computer for over a week and now having the keyboard beneath my fingers again feels really good. While the internet certainly makes me feel connected to others with constant and immediate communication, I was reminded of the greater benefits to being disconnected.

Being disconnected often finds you more time to be connected to the ones you love. Doing more while being fully present so you don't miss the special little moments.
More time to sit and paint, build and observe.
To really see the world through their curious, wondrous eyes. 
I was reminded that all of this instant connectivity we think we have with everyone is just a big, fat facade. 

Being truly connected is through a voice, 
a smile, 
funny moments together, 
seeing with collective eyes, 
smells that have the ability to transfer you back to a time and place,
and taste.
 (He did this all on his own. I was at the sink and Cash started crying. He stopped and I looked over to Big Brother saying, "ahhh" and feeding him.)
There's just no better way to be with our loved ones than through our gifts of of listening, seeing, smelling, tasting and touch.

I love so many things about having my computer back and the ease of reconnecting with friends and loved ones who I wouldn't have the gift of staying in close contact were it not for its existence. But, now with iPhones, Skype and Facebook, among other outlets, its just becoming easier and easier to connect in a less physical way.
Last week I felt my stomach churn when Gatorade was spilled on my computer. Today, I realize I needed the absence of what I felt was a necessity to remind me that everything I need is right beside me. 
If I want to truly enjoy the family and friends God has blessed me with then I need to disconnect to truly connect. Because when you connect through your senses you feel it more in your heart.
And within there lies magic.
"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul."
-Oscar Wilde

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