Saturday, September 10, 2011

17 months old & New Shoes to Fill

Dear Emerson,

I know you. I really know you now. 

I loved you before I even laid eyes on you but, my love has completely flourished over the past few months because now, I know you. 
I didn't realize it at the time but, when you were four days late, it was because that's you. You come when you're ready and not a minute sooner. 

My fiercely intense pregnancy food cravings, which I never experienced with your brother, were also a sign of your stubbornness. You. want. what. you. want. and. NOW. You are headstrong and that is a characteristic that will take you far in life because you will take hold of your dreams and no one else's ideas of what your dreams should be.

You gave no forewarning you would crawl, you just up and crawled one day. You never did any pre-walking warms ups; you just walked. With this characteristic you will surprise the world at what you can achieve when they didn't even realize you were preparing.
You are my Miss Independent and take your time. You know better than anyone else when you are ready and I respect that you don't let anyone push you to do otherwise. That characteristic will take you far in your career.
You have a warm and loving heart. I see it every time you bring a dropped sippy to Hunter or give him a toy you'd rather be playing with but know he'd love it. 

You hug and kiss every baby doll you see and gently rub their back while nuzzling them close to your chest. This characteristic will take you far in your relationships because people like to surround themselves with friends who make them feel loved and appreciated.
When you cry, you cry with all of your might. You don't care who is watching. 

People have stared and made comments to us about your crying but I have realized it is a great gift. Many women grow up afraid to express their feelings for fear of what others will think of them--your Mommy included. Your ability to openly express yourself and how you're feeling is a characteristic many women three times your age would envy.
Every day that goes by you never cease to amaze me. You walked right into that classroom today at school and washed your hands like any three year old, yet you are only 17 months. You then climbed right up to the table and dug right in, ready to absorb and learn. Your confidence and eagerness will take you far in this journey called life.
 My heart beats boldly with love for you and I know that will only grow stronger.
I love you so much my beautiful, headstrong, stubborn, independent, compassionate, loving, full-of-rainbows-and-smiles girl and I am confident that you are ready for your biggest role yet.....
(Thank you God for all of these beautiful blessings in our life!)

"A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future."


  1. I shy from saying "best", "greatest", etc... but Brooke, this is the BEST posting from you so far. Its endearing, humbling, beautiful, wonderful and so heartfelt - a posting your daughter will read one day and cherish the mother she was blessed with. I know one day I will have a major ally on my side when I'm lucky enough to have my own child because I will have you to call on. Give yourself a pat on the back today - you're an amazing mother to your children, and it makes me proud to watch you lead.

  2. If I am reading this blog correctly we are going to be Grandparents once again. I hope I am reading it right. We will be calling tomorrow to verify. Great News and Great blog. Love Pop-Pop & Ba-Ba...

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally just fell off my chair!!! I think, especially today, this is the most joyous news I could have hoped to hear. CONGRATS!!!!!


  4. Congrats many many many times over! Tears and goose-bumps as I read your words. You are amazing and I am so happy for your growing family!! xoxo


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