Sunday, February 13, 2011

Champagne & Cookies

Anyone that knows me well knows that I love any reason to throw a party. And not just any party, but themed parties. My belief is that every memorable party has an interesting theme. 

Some of my favorite past themes have included:

Country Club Christmas - Everyone was decked out in attire ranging from gigantic pearls and up-do's to plaid pants and finely pressed white button downs to golf knickers and argyle. (I splurged a little and served caviar of course!)

Fried Chicken and Margarita Wig Party - In lieu of a birthday party for Dave and me, we asked our friends to come donning a fabulous wig and a donation of any amount to contribute towards the purchase of a wig for my mom as she was going through breast cancer treatment. We collected a whopping $600 and the best part? My mom had no idea! I made a collage of photos from the party, wrapped it up in a beautiful gift bag for her and clipped the check to it. She was beyond thrilled and, when she did purchase her wig, she totally rocked it!! (I'm happy to say her real hair is fully grown in and looks more beautiful than ever!)

The All New New Year's Eve Party - After having no luck scoring a sitter for New Year's Eve this year, we figured there must be other friends out there with the same challenge. As a result, our newest annual event was born. The invitation read like this:

Since every hour for us new parents seems like midnight anyway and it gets dark now at...oh, afternoon time, we are having the All New New Year's bash starting at 4:00 and the apple drops at 6 pm- so grab your favorite bottle of wine, throw the sitter's number in the garbage, and saddle-up to throw down with kids at the Menonis at the first annual New New Year's bash!!!!!!   (wording courtesy of my sweet hubby)

(Custom Printables provided the subway art style New Year's art. 
Definitely check out their site and then help them out by
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As part of my little happies project, I have vowed to have more parties to celebrate my friends and family. This past weekend I hosted a Champagne and Cookies party for my favorite girlfriends. I supplied the champagne and wine and they each brought homemade goodies. 

The girls all braved a sleet storm and an icy driveway to be here. 
I have good friends.

The girls!

You always need a good friend who knows how to pop a cork.

Watch out! These gals make some mean coconut cupcakes, Oreo balls and brownies.

My friend Sari. She has watched my kids while I've been sick, counseled me through Hunter's preschool search, and helped me through labor among many, many other things. I love this girl.

Teaching Hunter how to "cheers."

Once he caught on we couldn't get him to stop.

Dave won Daddy of the Year award (once again) when he offered to keep the kids in the back bedroom so the girls could hang out. Later we let him join the party.

He did; however, keep coming up with "emergencies" that required another visit to the kitchen. 
Ahem, cookie and brownie in hands, I think you can see why.

After everyone left, Hunter was happy to have his mommy back all to himself. 
(I used to mock a Mama's boy but now I see absolutely nothing wrong with it).

Thanks to the girls for continuing to remind me how fortunate I am to be blessed with your friendships. Looking forward to the next get together....which will have a theme of course.

"I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends."  ~Nancie J. Carmody



  1. Even telling me all about your "party for the girls" did not do justice to the "fun" that the pics show! You always have such wonderful ideas! Honestly, as a little girl,you did not do the "mudpie thing" were always into the "dress up-put on a show thing!" I guess you were practicing up for real life!

  2. Looks like you are Having a Wonderful Life in Connecticut surrounded by good friends and of course a wonderful family.


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