Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Big Guy

Over the past few months I have talked a lot about my little guy.

But I feel it's time I introduce you to my big guy.

If it weren't for him, there would be no little guy or Miss Priss in my life. But before my little happies, there was Dave.

One of the things I love about him most is his sense of adventure both big and small. He willingly agreed to go with me to a choreographer in NYC and have a dance created for our big day. He picked out the song and the choreographer and I worked together on the moves. 
(Here he is grooving while playing his air saxophone.)

He claims he doesn't like to dance yet he's been pulling out his signature Lawnmower, Grocery Cart, and Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly moves at just about every wedding we've been to in the last decade (and also been known to do it to get two little people to eat their dinner).

Dave is an excellent travel companion. He has taught me that it's far more special to hang out with locals in the places we've visited versus doing what the tourists do. Because of that we have been on private sailing trips, been guests at private parties, had behind-the-scenes tours, been kayaking at night and experienced what the culture was really about and not just what the books tell you. 

On our trip to Costa Rica with my Dad and Julie, we arrived late at night and by the time the ferry dropped us off with our rental car, we would not be able to see more than four feet in front of us driving in a land we did not know. As he often does, Dave wandered off while we were in the middle of building a plan to reach our desired location. The remainder of the group just rolled our eyes knowing that you never know with Dave--he could be going to find food, he could be going to find help or he might have just decided he's no longer interested in our conversation. 

Less than ten minutes later, he arrived back with another guy following closely behind. He said, "hey guys, this is James and he's going to ride with us and show us how to get to the hotel." We thought he was crazy but, thing is, the three of us are actually always up for adventure too. Needless to say, a few hours into the trip the five of us knew everything about each other and invited James to stay in our Tree house (that was the hotel--a tree house made for 8 people yet we rented it for ourselves) for the trip. He stayed, we had an amazing time, and we've been friends ever since--he is the first friend to see our home after we purchased it. (He's also one of the best looking guys we've ever known so my girlfriends have thanked me many times for the times he has visited.)

Dave is the reason we have had more memorable adventures in our time together and made lifelong friends (Dondee, James).
(In Costa Rica.)

Being adventurous sometimes includes things I find more exciting than he does. 
(One of my all time favorite memories. Julie and I gave facials to the guys and as we watched them sit
there with green cream all over their faces we laughed saying, "and they think they're the ones who wear the 
pants in the relationship?!")

We have celebrated seven wonderful anniversaries together including renewing our vows in Vegas at the  Little White Chapel and in our back yard among our closest friends and family.
(2nd Anniversary)
(3rd Anniversary which began our annual trips to Magnolia Bakery
and dinner at Antica Venezia in the city.)
(4th Anniversary)
(Celebrating five.)
(Year 6 before heading out to a sunset beach side dinner at Positano's.)

My husband cooked his first turkey on our first Thanksgiving in NYC and I've been leaving him in charge ever since. He has developed quite a reputation for his turkeys.

Dave never (and I mean never) complains about yard work. He also amazes me that he can do it so efficiently and figure out a way to give me time alone too.

He is a role model to our kids teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle--not just to stay in shape but as a way to meet interesting new people. 

Dave has inspired me to do races over the years I never would have considered....and do them well. We finished third in the first triathlon we did together!
He now kindly takes the kids so I can continue to run my favorite annual race in Atlanta with my Dad. He even takes time to make posters that warm my heart. There's nothing like seeing your smiling kids and hubby cheering you on!

He has many hidden talents--song writer (the "Yogurt Song" is a family favorite), guitar player, the ability to walk long distances on his hands, harmonica diddy doin' and hair cutter extraordinaire. 

Dave, life will never cease to be an adventure because you challenge me to live outside the limits.

You are an amazing father and our kids will never live without knowing that they are fully, unconditionally loved by you.

You see life through the eyes of silliness and help me to not take people and situations so seriously sometimes. 
You teach me what a true best friend really is and you are loyal to the bone.

You have the warmest, most beautiful smile that still melts my heart. 
You are the most amazing father to our children and I can't imagine raising them with anyone else.

Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, father, friend, worker, helper and inspiration. I celebrate you today! The fun has just begun--we have so many more awesome memories to make and I know no matter whatWe're Gonna Make It! (click on the link....)
"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty."
-Author Unknown

And to the first Big Guy in my life: I love you Dad! Thank you for being a role model to me for what to look for in a husband. Happy Father's Day!

"Old as she was, she still missed her Daddy sometimes."
-Gloria Naylor

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  1. Love this one---it made me smile and reminds us all to look at the wonderful things and people in our lives! You are a gifted writer and communicator Brooke!
    (I hope you get this comment. I read all your blogs and have posted my little say:-) .....they are all special!) Julie


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