Friday, January 6, 2012

Fireflies of 2011

We've closed the chapter on another year and cracked open the pages of a new birth, a new beginning, and a new year of opportunities and challenges. 

As I reflect on the past three hundred and sixty-five days of memories, I am reminded of laughter, tears, joys and triumphs laced with a number of peaks and valleys. And although many of these memories stir up painful feelings, I know that this is indeed a part of owning a life that is truly full because, if we had only sunshine and no rain, we wouldn't be left with beautiful rainbows in a clear, blue sky. 

I believe I have grown more in this past year than ever before and even regressed in some ways as well but, I believe this is part of the process. Going back to work has taught me that although I appreciate getting pats on the back and rewarded for my good work, I am less confident in being the real me and more out of touch with the things that truly bring me joy. 

The past few months and upcoming months have been and will be a gift to me because they are teaching me where my roots are honestly grounded and the woman that I want to be when I look back over my life in my last days. 

Because I know. I know that above all else I am a mother. I long to be with my kids and watch the process of their growth into their authentic selves. I miss seeing the tiny moments while I ride trains, hold crowded meetings and feel angst over helping multi-million dollar deals sell. 

And if you had asked me two years ago to choose between working or staying at home with my kids, I would have chosen working without taking a breath. 

I am blessed that God pushed me onto the road that gifted me with the opportunity to be at home with my kids. It was the hardest job I have ever loved and nothing can come close to comparing. 

My number one resolution for 2012 is to give my children a year of adventure. While working I intend to accomplish this in the best way I can but, I am looking forward to closing this particular chapter of my book and being able to devote my whole, honest self to my littles. 

Until then, I am wrapping up the year in photos of moments that brought me the most joy and sense of myself in 2011.  

Please press play on the playlist below and enjoy the show. I couldn't think of four better songs that brought a smile to my face and put a spring in my kids' steps this past year!

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The infatuation with Baby Lucy begins....
...and our standing Tuesday play dates are the beginning of bonded friendships.
Transforming our guest room into a play room.
Mom moves across country.
Cooking and baking take on an important role in our household.
Celebrating never letting things get stale.
Regular dates to make sure our home is always filled with love.
The second child getting her very own Valentine's Day card so she knows she's just as special as number one.
Getting balloons just because.
Having the opportunity to love two very special cats. (We miss you Lexi!)
Introducing a musical instrument that never got old.
Bonding over bath time.
Beautiful beaches even in the winter.
Very special breakfasts and lunches with just us three.
Brunches to celebrate great friends.
Capturing sweet moments.
Owning a back yard that never ceases to amaze me.
Date nights with my best friend.
Decade old friendships that only grow better over time.
and best friends that are still as bestest as they were 30+ years ago.
Never being too old for tea parties. 
or too young for cupcakes.
Preciousness of sleeping babies.
Introductions to old childhood friends.
Quality time together.
followed by Mommy and me bath time fun.
Always celebrating big.
and having great friends to do it with.

and peg leg crawls.
Being your kid's favorite teacher, 
and dance partner.
Sunny days, 
snowy days,
rainy days,
spring days,
play days,
city days,
running days,
walking days,
dancing days,
jumping days,
grandparent days,
uncle days,
friend days,
family days, 
and friends-like-family days.
Fishing days,
camping days,
cupcake days,
ice cream days,
And just plain ole' good days.....

I love my husband, I love my children, I love my family, I love my friends and I truly love my life. I look forward to what 2012 will bring and all that it will teach me.


  1. Wonderful post! Here is to 2012. Love, Les P.S. Love the music, Kelly's wedding son :)

  2. What an incredible set of pictures! If someone saw these, they would know exactly what your life is like, and it is a good one. Thanks for keeping this blog going, even though you don't really have time to do so, becuase it helps us keep up with all of you.

  3. Love it. Great job, Brooke.

  4. Wow!! Thanks so much for putting this all together and sharing with all of us. To comment on one picture is next to impossible ... one is truly more precious than the next! Here's to 2012 -- and all of our wonderful families, wonderful friends, and wonderful lives!

  5. Great post Brooke! What a way to capture this experience - 2012 is going to be the year!!! :)

  6. I didn't want it to end!! What great memories and so glad you shared it with us!

  7. so beautiful! I loved looking at how Hunter and Emerson have changed during this year. So happy that I met you last June :) Suzanne

  8. Looks and Sounds like 2011 was a good year, looking forward to a GREAT 2012.

    Love Pop-Pop and BaBa

  9. Awesome Brooke - you sure captured every nook and cranny of 2011. Well done and thanks for the emotional rollercoaster hahaha Debra xoxo

  10. Beautiful Brooke, miss you guys so much. Especially ringing in the New Year at your house with the kids, that was so much fun. I love the Sono pic of baby Hudson and us, he turns 1 tomorrow, yikes!!!!!!! xoxoxoxxo


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