Sunday, January 29, 2012


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.....we got snow! After an unseasonably warm winter Mother Nature finally decided to deliver the goods. Over 6 inches of them too.

Daddy didn't let the snow stop his Saturday morning run. He was off by 7:45 after a quick powder stripping of his car.
Best part of his run? This bet he won. (Trust me--you will not regret clicking on that link and watching the short video. Keep in mind, the temps were a mere 20.)

After Daddy arrived back home, more snow was falling so he shoveled the driveway. Sissy loved watching him and trying to figure out just what he was doing. 
For a little girl who can't sit through a ten minute DVD, she watched in awe through the entire event.
 After Hunter woke up he came down to find the coin table I had set up for him. The grin that spread across his face combined with his yelling, "coooooiiiinnnssss!" told me he was pretty pleased. 
 (I purchased these perforated coins and labels from one of my favorite stores, 
Educational Warehouse, and then had them laminated for good wear and tear.)
 Hunter has played with them non-stop, carries them around in a brownie pan everywhere he goes and even sleeps with them. Yes, sleeps with them. 
 He loves to put on his sunglasses and sing his favorite coin diddy:
 "Four quarters are, super-duper cool.
Makes one dollar, that's the rule!"
 Breakfast eaten and coin playing over we dressed the kids for outdoor adventures. 
My girl walked right out into that snow feeling no fear at all.
Sissy loved when I pulled her in the tube around the driveway. She would lay there like a frozen doll and just giggle with delight.
 It took an army to pull the boy away from his new money but, after many tears and a little feet dragging, he wasn't sorry.

Once Daddy was in charge of pulling the sled, the fun definitely went up a few notches. (Mommy can only go so fast with her belly bump).
After fully exhausting the hills and snow of our own yard, we ventured to a nearby elementary school that is known for its killer hill. 
 Daddy tested the hill to make sure it was good enough for the Menonis.
 He seemed pleased.
 While Hunter opted to stay in the warm car and away from the windy snow, Sissy  enjoyed watching the big kids and prepped for her big sled. 
 She was fine until she looked at the bottom of the hill. We decided to go for it anyway.
 My fearless girl did it!
 And, although there were tears and "I want Mommmmmy" at the bottom, she smiled with pleasure when I told her how brave she had been to try something new. Because that's what its all about--facing your fears, following through and then finding you can do it.
 After sledding we went to our favorite diner and ate a big, fat pancake lunch. What's better than warm pancakes on a snowy day?
 Reflecting on finally getting the snow that is signature to the New England area, caused me to think of some other accomplishments I finally got to:

1) Making my Dad his favorite Tres Leches Cake (in cupcake form) after 6+ years of saying I would. And, I was pretty pleased with the results.... was he.
....not to mention one other gal. 
(Cute shirt courtesy of Grammy.)
2) Completing this project I had been wanting to do for a long time with the kids. 
 The kids were a little frightened by the blow dryer so they watched while Mommy did some serious melting of crayons.
 Fini! And I LOVE it!
There was only one perfect place in our house to put it.  

(Hold tight--this is just a practice round for another one we'll be creating soon--hopefully with more team participation.) 
 3) Making a Valentine's Day wreath has also been on a few-years-long to-do list. 

Ta-Da! My Chevron Valentine's Day Wreath inspired from this totally cool blog that I adore called Tater Tots and Jell-O. (Don't you just love the name??!!)
(I used the left over Chevron fabric from our kitchen cabinets and foam 
Valentine stickers I bought the kids.)
It kinda makes me smile...a lot. 

 Yep, feeling pretty pleased with accomplishing some of my own finally's and hoping your week is full of lots of 'em too. 


  1. The winter wonderland does make me miss the snow and your family captured it beautifully. Love the melted crayons, unbeleiveable.

  2. Alex may be the only person in the universe crazier than Dave!
    The pictures in the snow were great - good photography!

  3. loved this post! What elementary school did you go to? I just can't get enough of the pictures of Emerson...she is such a little adventuror like Ryan! They are a good pair of friends :)

  4. Hey---finally got to open this up and enjoy it.
    As usual, I particularly like your photographs! :-)
    What a great day--snow, fanily fun, and pancakes at the diner. Wish we were there too.
    Love you all!

  5. Umm, I'm thinking you should have your own TV show!!! Kind of like a modern-day Martha meets Rachel Ray, with a kiddie, family slant. Call me when you're ready to write up the biz plan and shoot the first pilot!! :)) Keep up the great "work"!!!xoxo GG


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