Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Latte of Life

It's been an amazing week filled with lots of up's but also brimming over with lots of down's. Two years ago I probably would have defined an amazing week as one layered with perfection but no longer because I'm older and wiser and I know. I truly know that what makes life so wonderfully awesome is going through all of that yuck stuff and then, when reflecting back, it seems the good stuff is what bubbles to the forefront of your memory--like a nice, thick foam on your a really delicious latte. Because, no matter how bad the yuck is, if you push forward you will make it through and, baby, what's on the other side is worth the push.

Our week....

1) More Valentine-making with creamy, glue-foam paint that I can't get enough of.

2) Winter weather that is saying, "BUJAH! I'm a stealth 55 degrees, come out and picnic in me!"

 3) Decorating instincts that I just can't stop. Balloons...
 and Valentine mantles that make me smile.
 4) Projects that hold my kids' interest for close to an hour. Marble painting being a recent favorite.
(We displayed them in these cool frames that Grammy gave us.)
 5) And speaking of finally's, I am just over 7 months pregnant.

This little nugget moves all the time as if letting us know that he/she is ready to come out and play with those cute little voices heard outside my belly that lean over giving multiple kisses throughout the week.
 6) Parents' Day at school followed by visiting the nearby chicken coops with friends.
7) Dinner parties with delicious wine, yummy food and even better friends.
8) Days when my kids love playing with the camera.
 9) Celebrating birthdays again and again. Because we can. 
 (Hunter's genius idea of using toothpicks for candles and singing to himself.)
 (And anything Hunter does...)
10) Rediscovering a neighborhood beach that we had not been to in a very long time.
And although the temps were a little chilly, 
it delivered clear, beautiful blue skies
and empty, sandy beaches perfect for running and exploring.

11) Impromptu visits to Chuck E. Cheese, home of golden tokens, prize-winning tickets, questionable pizza and pint-size smiles.
You won't find pictures of Big Brother because he was too busy spending his coins and racking up eighty-five tickets. He sweetly shared the wealth with Sissy and let her pick a prize at the end since she didn't have any tickets. (Remember me mentioning foam on a latte? This is it.)
12) Discovering a quaint little stand-alone coffee drive-thru on the way home. The caramel coffee and homemade brownie cured one sleepy Mommy and two post-Chuck E. Cheese-meltdowns.
13) Having one of those days when you realize you have the gusto to make one more big outing with the kids. (A grocery store run and taking our Tuesday play date up a notch by doing dinner in-store.)
(Emerson is wearing my old dress. Thanks Mom!)
Sissy and I played a fun game of run down the bench while Debra bravely took on potty duty with two toddlers and one baby.
(The following pics are blurry but I simply couldn't resist the face of determination my girl was wearing!)
(And just enough time to rest before the troops returned.)
14) Completing a fun Pinterest-inspired project with my superstar sitter's help. 
(She captured some great photos too!)
(Fill the bowls halfway with blue Jell-O, let set a little then add the fish, top with more Jell-O and fish.)
Some of us preferred to study it vs. eat it
(My sitter also had the grand idea of reading "Curious George Goes to the Aquarium" before they snacked.)
Yep, although there were some rough moments I choose not to write about here, it's the good stuff that rises to the top. 

Although I sometimes secretly wish I only had perfect Mommy-days, I know deep down that perfection does not equal happiness. I desire a life that is truly full--full of fun-turned-meltdown days with friends we can laugh about later, paint-stained couches and sticky Jell-O floors. And that's the kind of thick, foamy, delicious foam I want floating in my latte of life.


  1. Such a cool day! Love Aunt Les

  2. AWESOME IDEA!! These kids are so lucky to have you!

  3. Very, Very, Nice. Great Family...

  4. I have just one question......are the fish in the blue jello the rejects from Hunter's Big Top celebration????? Did that friend ever return from San Diego to claim her fish? Tell her your mama was just-a-wondering!


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