Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've been keeping the last couple of days full of baking, making and fun...

 1) Water Sensory Box for scooping, pouring and playing.
2) Cupid's Toast - Cinnamon toast sprinkled with love.
3) Marian and I hosted our first Parents' Night Out for the kids' school. We had a great turnout and it was tons of fun. I even snuck in a date night dinner with Dave beforehand. 
 4) After church we found Hunter playing with a microphone loudly announcing, "I want to make a difference! I want to make a difference!" (Not sure where he learned that but go brother!)
 5) After church we baked cupcakes and Hunter was excited to play Sioux chef. 
He also had the chance to use the mixer for the first time. He was a little nervous at first but, after watching me do it for a little he jumped right in.
 6) Since the cupcakes wouldn't be done until after bath, we opted to have shaving cream cupcakes instead.
 ...combined with a bubble bath, it was the ideal decadent treat.
 7) The next day our Super Sitter decorated cupcakes with the kids. 
 I felt the need to taste test one that night and it was definitely delish.
 8) Today we went to the Valentine's Day Party at school where we ate red and pink cookies with loads of sprinkles, our mini cupcakes and, another favorite, flat pretzels. Afterwards we traded Valentines with our friends and went home to rest. 
Debra and her girls are stopping by for our regular play date and then Daddy is coming home early for our special Valentine's dinner. Although I'd like to say it will be a meal made up of pomegranate marinated pork chops and spinach, I am playing the pregnancy card tonight and we're having breakfast for dinner--egg and sausage casserole. We may even have a side of pancakes....Until then, hope your day is wrapped up tight with loved ones!
(Inspired from this awesome mama's blog)
Thanks Uncle Joshie and Kathleen for helping us make our V-day cards happen! We love you both!

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  1. Man, these kiddos make for one proud uncle. I seriously landed the most beautiful Goddaughter! :)

  2. These are going to be great memories in a few years! So creative to teach them how to use their motor skills to help you.
    Love Dad (your husband)

  3. You made this such a special day. Great going.

    Love Pop-pop (the other Dad)

  4. I think your blog is utterly adorable! Fantastic photos, and I really enjoyed the Joshua Radin music playing in the background. I am so glad you found my blog as I am now folowing you as well :)

  5. My dear, precious daughter......you are normal that you question your abilities as a mother, but for those of us who are privileged to do the witnessing......you are a perfect mama! You make me proud repeatedly. And, for the umpteenth time....my valentines with candy huge (McAllister lips) fell once again to the floor with a thud......I absolutely LOVE these valentines! Thank-You!!!!!

  6. Nice blog.
    Anyone like to surprise own Lover in a different way in this Valentine?
    This is for you. Follow this link.


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