Sunday, May 13, 2012

Glass Half Full

Capturing some sweet moments and things that just make me happy.

1) Our cat that tolerates the tightest of squeezes and sloppiest of toddler kisses. 
2) Sweet baby faces.
3) The awesome onesies that Dave's spin class gave him featuring some of his staple sayings when he leads his classes.
4) Water play that keeps them quietly occupied.
...sometimes so quiet that I know they're up to pouring water on each other and taking a bath.
5) Masterpieces.
6) Starting our summer tradition of afternoon beach walks a little early because we can.
7) Lemonade and ice cream.

 8) Cooking together. 
 Line a pan with parchment paper.
 Dip fresh cut strawberries in Greek yogurt,
place in pan and freeze.
Eat along the way.

9) Daddy taking the kids out to dinner so I can enjoy a mani with my friend Amy. 

10) Ice skating for the first time.
And the cutest video I think I ever did see.

11)Big brother gifts that make my kids proud. (Thank you Sari!) 
And being fortunate enough to have a sitter that remembers its important not to interfere with creative exploration so we can see what they come up with on their this case, a very cool letter train.

12) Genuine big sister kisses.
 and Mama bear instincts that cause her to guard Little Brother's "lollipop" until he is ready for it. 

13) Monarch butterflies on our window sill.
14) A super cool Daddy who builds super cool forts.
15)Rainy days. 
 16) Having a curiosity about my passions too.
 17) Firsts....

          Hair cut at a salon and not by Daddy

 and baths.
18) Special days to celebrate special people.
Happy Birthday Pop Pop and Uncle Josh--we are so blessed to have you both in our life.
There is much more but I've got a precious sleeping baby next to me and a wonderful hubs who just took the kids out swimming so I could squeeze in a much needed shower. 

What are the things in your life that are bringing you happiness today? Tell me in a comment-I'd love to hear....


  1. Things that make me happy:
    1) My Wife
    2) My children
    3) Number 1 & 2 again

  2. oh I'm loving looking at all your cute photos. I like the salon where your son got his hair cut, how awesome are those cars. You'd never get Goblin out of the shop, you could shave his entire head and he wouldn't notice. He's never been to the hairdressers - we don't have anywhere that cool here.


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