Sunday, June 3, 2012

Super Heroes in Disguise

"Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero's heart."
-Proverb quote

This past Monday you probably celebrated Memorial Day in some form but, what does the day really mean to you?

After a quick online search to make sure I was adequately educating my kids on the day, I found that this last Monday in May is in recognition of those brave men and women who died in active military service while serving our country. Unfortunately, it was noted in my search that this traditional observance of Memorial Day has diminished over the years and many of us have forgotten the meaning and traditions of this important holiday.

Our family falls into the majority in that we fill this particular day in late spring with parades, cookouts and time spent with friends.

We began the day with Dave's annual run with the kids into town. I met up with him but this time with a  new member of our clan. (No worries, that triple jogger is already on order.)
As in years past, we enjoyed watching the town's annual parade full of big bands, vintage cars, dancers and T-ball teams led by the proudest of dads. 
(Always checking on Baby Cash to make sure he never feels left out.)
And no Memorial Day would be complete without some ice cream. 
(My kids' biggest hero taking it up a notch surprising them with ice cream.)
(Hunter excitedly counted all of the treats inside that creamy goodness.)
(Yup. Daddy did them right.)
After our town's parade we headed to a nearby town fair where we ran into some of our favorite friends from school.
(Seeing my son and his friend greet each other this way made my heart melt.)
The fair gave our kids an opportunity to brave some scary rides for the first time. 
Although we have days like this throughout the year to openly recognize great heroes, there are also many hidden heroes among us. 
Our world is filled with individuals that others may not knowingly recognize as immortal, but they touch our lives making a difference and being a hero to others. 

Over the past five weeks and since the newest addition to our family arrived, I have had many quiet moments in the middle of the night to reflect on these heroes in our family's life. 

1) My littles' teachers. 

Sue, DeeDee, Rachel and Michelle--Thank you for inspiring, encouraging, loving, cuddling, counseling, disciplining, reading, creating, leading, snuggling, wiping runny noses, and always sending my kids home messy. You have each fostered a love of learning in my kids that will guide them towards a long, successful future.  
(Photos from our last day of school, May 30th 2012.)
There are not enough words to describe teachers as the biggest of heroes. 
2) Friends.

Home cooked dinners, words of encouragement, visits, taking the lead on my Board duties, calling, texting, praying over our kids, emailing and brownies. Lots of brownies. 
Thank you all for blessing my life and brightening my days. 

3) This guy. 
There is no more hands-on, considerate, energetic, adventure-seeking, loving dad I know. 
There is so much more I could say but I'll save it for an upcoming special holiday....

4) My littles. 

Now that work is over and I've been able to completely immerse myself back into family life I am often reminded of the lessons that they teach me. 

Things like patience, finding joy in the little things and compassion.

When playing outside today, Hunter discovered that Baby Cash's picture was missing and he quickly ran to get a piece of chalk. 
He drew a picture of Cash and happily proclaimed, "now Baby Cash here too!"
Forgiving and forgetting.

My kids will get in an argument faster than you can say "'dat mine!" and a dramatic round of hitting, spitting and pushing soon ensues.

I would typically insert my best Sal Severe impression but my new little guy cripples my mobility a bit being attached to me every two to three hours and I am often found leaving the fighting kids to their own devices. More often than not, the tears quickly dry and they are back playing quietly together and saying things like, "Emerson, you OK?".
Not only do I find that they teach me the art of wiping the slate clean with siblings but, also with their friends. I've seen them get into pushing, territorial matches with friends only to explode in excitement the next time they see them as if nothing happened. What happens to that attitude as we grow into adults? 
5) Our sitter. 

Kathleen, thank you for being patient, kind, loving and helping me to create wonderful memories for my kids while always wearing a smile on your face. We struck gold when we hired you and I wouldn't be able to do what I do without you. 
Super Heroes in disguise.
          There are no special public holidays to honor them. 
                    They are a part of our every day. 
Sometimes, they are so hidden that we rarely think about them and take them for granted.

But, if it were not for our own Super Heroes in disguise, our lives would not be the same. 
 Realize who your Super Heroes are. 
And make sure they know it before the opportunity floats you by. 
"Heroes are the people who rise to the occasion and slip quietly away."
-Tom Brokaw


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