Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who's That Guy?

We love him.

He is a runner, tennis player, cyclist, triathlete, finance wizard, and lover of all things music.
(I came across this adorable idea from Positively Splendid and Amy was kind enough to share the printable too.)
(Emerson's teachers came up with idea of painting an old LP and were kind enough to donate one. 
The cool cycling statue is from one of my most favorite girls in the world--Aunt Susan.)
(I was informed that this is actually a squash racket and not a tennis racket but 
it matches so I opted to keep it in the mix.) 

He spends time teaching us the joys of leading a healthy lifestyle
and the benefit of earning a dollar. 
He is a role model for working hard in order to win big
and teaches us the value in practicing to achieve success. 
 When not up to it he still plays the part.
He is the world's best cheerleader.
He is a family man,

master fort builder,
 story book teller, 
and entertainer extraordinaire
with a high tolerance for living in a home full of glitter and glue. 
 He is an amazing husband and father who is not only there but truly present in every moment. 
 Dave, we celebrate you today. Thank you for being our leader, our rock, and the center of our little universe we call home. We are truly blessed to call you Daddy. 
 "A truly rich man is one who's children run into his arms 
when his hands are empty." -Anonymous


  1. Who'd s thunk it? That kid in overalls who lived upstairs....
    Love to your family.

  2. That's my Boy! We're proud of him too!

  3. You have always been "the athlete extraordinaire"since the day I met you! Little did I know at the time, you would become my son-in-law! Having spent a lot of time watching you interact with my daughter and my grandkids too, I can truthfully say....."you always impress me with your enthusiasm for participating in their day to day lives"! If I were asked to list the 5 most important attributes of a good husband and father......among that list would be a man who "has the back of those in his household". Children and wives know when they are being held up! You are a perfect example of a father who dares to differ on this cause. This principle is important to you, and it shows! For this and many more reasons, I love you. You will always hold the title of my "only" son-in-law.....but this is fine by me. You are the best of all! Happy Fathers' Day!

  4. We are always amazed that you get up VERY early, go to work and to work out, and then still have the energy to hit the house full speed to take over the kid-chores with a smile on your face. Brooke and all of us are blessed to have you as the father of Hunter, Emerson and Cash. We don't tell you very often, but we are aware of it at all times.
    Thanks so much for being such a wonderful father!
    Gerald and Julie


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