Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Get Back To It

There comes a time of year, every year, that I get a little sad. I hate to see the summer season come to an end and this year specifically it went all too quickly.

Each year I hang on by the skin of my teeth until the bitter end. But alas, there eventually comes a time when I find myself needing that fleece robe after my morning shower, the thought of hot soup seems inviting and the piles of sand and saltwater windshield grime no longer seem fitting for the family car.

Earlier this week I reluctantly pulled the beach chairs and sand toys out of my car trunk as if to mark the finality of my favorite time of year. I placed these items that have been used on an almost daily basis in a spot in the garage which will become their home for the next ten months--nine if Mother Nature is extra kind.

As one ages, one learns and I know that as certain as the shift in seasons, the sadness of farewells often give way to new births.  The season of Fall certainly lends itself to this in a myriad of ways:

*Comfort in getting back to the regularity of things
Debra and I have once again started up our regular weekly play date. 
*Accepting that some losses only symbolize growth
(Mommy cried. Hunter saw himself in the mirror, broke into a huge grin to which he exclaimed,
"Look Mommy! I a new kid!")

 that create a multitude of excitement.
 and "before we know its"....
 *Hot beach days slowly turning to breezy beach play days
*New challenges that await us
*Learning that amid all of the ups, downs, sleepless nights, bumps and curves of life, surviving another year leaves us seeing only the good stuff when we look back.
*Also realizing that those experiences make you wiser and your knowledge can one day be a gift to someone else.
 *Wardrobe changes and exploring our ability to make our own choices
(Thanks Aunt LeLe for our pretty pink dress!)
or not.
 *Discovering new things to laugh about
(As you will hear, my Southern accent has clearly not left the building.)
*Accomplishing new milestones
(Each of my kids has worn this bib the first time they ate rice cereal. I miss my Alma Mater and the friends I made there--thanks Linda J for this bib!)
(She's going to be a great Mommy one day.) 
 (Little Miss is enthralled at watching herself on my phone and also has 
a new found fascination with Band-Aids. One on her toe, each elbow, her right knee, left foot....)
Yes, the end of summer is bittersweet; however, I'm wise enough to know that another summer is just on the horizon and I'd better soak up every bit of what the upcoming seasons have to offer because time, memories and moments just go all too quickly.
(I found inspiration from this photo on google but could not find the originator to give credit so let me know if you do...)

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart." 
~Celia Theater


  1. LOVE Hunter's new 'do! He does look like a new kid. You can see his sweet, adorable face!! And Cash on rice cereal already! Wish we could press pause on life. xo

  2. I love Hunter's haircut and his interpretation that's he's a new kid. Emerson with her poses is ready for the runway while Cash lights up the world with his smile.

  3. Hi Brooke!! Your kids are just to adorable and I am so glad you stumbled across my little blog. The custom free printable is still a valid offer :) If you are still interested, please feel free to email me at dawn.twenty63@gmail.com!



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