Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's a Shore Thing

"The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea." - Isak Dinesen

For over a decade, Dave and I have traveled to our favorite summer spot.
We've traveled as a family of two plus cat, two plus cat and new baby, and two minus cat plus two babies.
Our family changed things up a bit this year with our annual trip to the Shore by tucking it right into the middle of summer. We also added another baby to our troop and invited Dave's family to join since they initially began this family tradition. 
(Sissy is always kissing Cash and making sure he's comfortable by doing things like pulling off his socks.)
Little and I joined the group a little late this year since we had a wedding in Atlanta. My heart warmed to see how excited the kids were to see us when we arrived. 
(Sissy is pressing my plane ticket on Cash's leg because she was sure it was one of those temporary tattoos.)
Because reading time is so important to our family, story-time has become synonymous with the old blue couch and screened-in front porch....
(This photo says so much--Hunter educating everyone on what we've learned, Emerson mimicking just what Big Bro has said, Cash not being able to keep his eyes of his Bigs and Daddy smiling at what has become his biggest fan.)
...while the back house provided a favorite cousin and plenty of pre-meal Tad and Lilly entertainment .
 The summer stay delivered beautiful weather,
seasonally appropriate crowded beaches, and edge-of-your-seat Lifeguard competitions.
 Our littles got into the spirit cheering on our own beach Lifeguards. Naturally, they won.
They also enjoyed other activities like burying innocent bystander's feet in the sand,
quietly hanging, 
and a little roughhousing.
(Whatever Big Bro does, Sissy is sure to follow suit....)
(Poor Cousin James didn't even stand a chance with these two Rugrats.)
Similar to home, we kept a routine with Shore mornings starting with a leisurely pajama breakfast followed by a run on the boardwalk.
 Sunscreened with sippys and coffee in tow we would set out.
 This was sometimes followed by a little friendly family competition
then onto family-friendly downtime and beach time.
(James soon showed he could hold his own in the roughhousing department.)
(This photo is blurry but was too cute and heart-warming to leave out.)
Close family friends joined in on the week's fun
 and built a special bond with our littles over playground trips
chocolate ice cream and milkshakes. 
(These two became fast friends. I think it started with ice cream and ended with him agreeing to keep her leisurely Princess pace.)
(I loved this photo so much that I Instagramed it right up.)
(I am @mylittlehappies on Instagram)


Seeing them with my in-laws reminded me that there is truly nothing like old friendships.
 We finished off our last days with plenty of beach time,
 rest time,
 and visits to the local Iceberg.
Always curious what each new trip will bring us, Mother Nature delivered this year with a rainbow that  arched fully over the span of the sea.
When the week was over we wrapped it up tight with pink-hued sunset kite flying, boat climbing and just enjoying each other's company.

Until next year Kerr!
"Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power 
to make us think things we like to think."
- Robert Henri


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