Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy October Musings

Building on the anticipation and excitement of my favorite time of year, my eyes become more open to the simple, small moments taking place in and around our home that are helping to create our life. 
I'm finding it more challenging to find pockets of time to record the pictures and funny things the kids are saying and doing. When it happens I tell myself, "Oh, I'll definitely remember that one!" then rack my brain for two weeks trying to remember all of those poignant moments I swore I'd never forget.
Because the addition of each child takes away more and more quiet me time, it's often difficult to squeeze in sitting down at the computer because I'm just so darn exhausted! And, while we're on that topic, I want to clarify something. Quite a few people have commented lately (and some in not such nice ways) that they feel like bad moms when they read my blog, they don't feel good enough because they never do crafts with their kids, etc. etc. 

My mission in writing this blog is definitely not to make anyone feel that they're inadequate. Actually, as I've written many times before, I work on a daily basis at trying to reform my own perfectionism. It's a Goliath of a battle but David is slowly but surely taking over the reigns. 

I began this blog when I was at a low point in my life having just made the transition to being a stay-at-home mom, learning more about myself without having a big career to hide behind. It was tough but I've come out on the other side a much stronger, confident woman because of it. 

I began writing and recording to force myself to focus on the little, almost insignificant happenings in life that make it truly a BIG life. There are so many things we each have to be grateful for and we spend way too much time focusing on what we don't have or what we wish we had instead of all we DO have. 

By nature, I am creative. Nothing brings me more joy than pulling out the construction paper, glue, yarn, and sequins. And glitter? Don't even get me started. It might borderline on the edge of being obsessed. If I could live in a glitter house I would. Done. 

To get messy and do crafts with my kids comes naturally to me. I think no less of any Mom who doesn't do this. In fact, I'd love to have her and the kids over so there's an excuse to get MORE glitter out. And if it stresses her out to get her house messy then come on over to ours. Then we could talk about all of the things that she does much, much better than I do.

While we're on that topic, I am going to close with a landscape of our kitchen as I currently type this....yeah, I get some great shots of our crafts, snacks and happenings-----just after I push all of the clutter and junk to the side. Don't be fooled. 
(P.S. You unfortunately can't see the pile of dishes in the sink.)

What I am going to focus on:

1) We have days that we love broccoli and days we don't. I choose to relish in the do days. 
(He is constantly with his coins and recently, the Halloween Costume catalog.)
2) Enjoying the new chaos of our regular weekly play date now that there is one extra little. 
3) Fire Engine parties. (Thanks Colin--we're still reading our cool book and talking about it!)
(My friend Andrea got this great shot.)
4) Making a commitment for all of us to sit down together to eat our meals and struggling to do it without a television involved.
(He does give sloppy kisses but they're worth it.)
5) Knowing that she's quickly growing into a little girl with her spitfire independent attitude but her constant nightly request to hold her "like Baby Cash" tells me she's still a little toddler who needs security and assurance of love.
(Um, this one is going in a frame. Stat.)
6) Birthday celebrations with good friends. 
....and celebrating new little birthdays to come. Congrats Suzanne!
7) Wondering what happens to that genuine happiness to see ourselves when we become adults? 
8) Celebrating Fashion Week long after its over. 
(The best part is her hat has camo on it and says, "Huntin' for Hugs")
(Yup, always holding on to one of Cash's pacis.)
9) Feeling great about myself every time I turn around from pouring my morning cup of coffee to see this:
....and the snuggles I get after.
10) Never showing much of an interest in dolls, recently feeling very connected to one she calls "baby". This small doll belonged to my mom and she says its over 60 years old. 
11) A love of rice cereal all over again and third time really is a charm.
12) Seeing old college friends that are still one of your Besties and it's as if not a moment of time has passed between your last visit.
(I love you Beth McDonald!!)
That's just twelve of the thousands of small things that are making my October pretty special. The best part? Knowing, really knowing, that it's the little things that make my life BIG and looking forward to discovering more of what that's about during the holiday season.
(Aims--I really wanted to save a bit of this chocolate chunk, pretzel, caramel, potato chip cookie for you but I just couldn't do it. As I ate the last bite I promised myself I'd find the recipe and make your own personal batch. xo)
"No great work has ever been produced except after a long interval of still and musing meditation." -Walter Bagehot


  1. Excellent, as always, but also makes us miss those sweet kids, as always. If you see an Allied Van Lines truck in your front yard one day, it is because we called and ordered it for you. Lots of nice, empty houses in Atlanta for the five of you....

  2. Thanks for the smile! You are truly amazing and your kids are beautiful! I want to come over myself and do your crafts - fun!!


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