Saturday, October 13, 2012


A lot, that's what. And it all makes me smile.

Pumpkin hunting.
 Sissy was proud of her pick.
However, in true Emerson fashion, she found about 45 others and couldn't make up her mind. It must be a result of having Libras as parents.
(One of us was possibly doing a pee pee dance. We may or may not have resolved that in the nearby pumpkin patch but I'm not at liberty to disclose.)
We let the kids choose ten of their favorite pumpkins
(The concentration tongue. He is definitely his mother's son.)
then had them narrow down their search to their top three which would be coming home with us.
The Farmer's Market even had pint-sized buggies for the kids to hold their pumpkins.
During our trip I looked over to see Emerson wriggling out of her pants. When I asked her what she was doing she said she wanted to take them off. I let her. I mean, you can only take your pants off for so long and get away with it. 
The past week we've enjoyed every bit of our pumpkins between eating them, 
(Pumpkin Applesauce Oatmeal--Mix oats, pureed canned or fresh pumpkin, coconut or regular milk, cinnamon, sugar, and applesauce. Put in crock pot overnight or for a few hours. Stir in extra milk or hot water if you want a smoother consistency.)
(Pumpkin Coconut Smoothies--Blend pureed pumpkin, shaved coconut, milk and vanilla Greek yogurt for added protenin.)
decorating them, 
and emulating them. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
(Nor could she...)
And to honor our love of a classic movie, we created our favorite pumpkin.

(Hunter searching for the perfect broom stick.)
Yup, the holiday season is here and it makes me kinda' giddy. I'm sure I'm one of the first to whip out the colored lights, candy corns and door decor.
 But we're OK with that.

Happy, happy! Hope the start to your holiday season is bandaged up tight with yummy food, fun decor, lots of laughter and your favorite loved ones.

(Caveat: I'm back in Atlanta using my Dad's PC so forgive the extra spaces, etc. I'm a Mac girl and using a different device doesn't mix well when I haven't had my morning cup of coffee.)


  1. The baby pumpkin booty it too cute!! I laughed out loud!

  2. Love it!!!!! AGAIN!!!!! Wish I could jump into the pictures, join in the fun, and give them a big hug!

  3. One of those kids sure looks like a miniature Brooke - wonder which one it is?
    Those are great shots, and wish we had been there to be part of the fun!


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