Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Little Girl's Room

“Daddy’s little girl, paints the world with her magic wand.”

I recently realized its been a few months since we completed Sissy’s room and I’ve never posted pictures. So, here it is. The room that is pure sugar and spice and everything nice—just like the little gal who lives here.
Every piece of my special girl’s room has sentimental meaning. She loves elephants and pink so the color choice of Benjamin Moore’s “Elephant’s Ear” was the obvious choice and our girl Kathleen did an amazing job painting the room for us. 
(Picking paint color names that have special meaning is one of the unique details I try my best to include.)

Creating the bunk bed was so much fun. I have fond memories of slumber parties and a cardboard dollhouse I had growing up and couldn't think of a better place for little girls to play house and spend the night.
I wanted Sissy surrounded with beautiful, girly things that translated happiness and positive quotes to remind her how much we treasure her.

All of the items have special meaning: the giraffe is from my best friend Jennifer and is the animal associated with my Dad and Hunter, the ceramic trinket box was purchased from a friend while in college, her 1st birthday Fairy crown, the E shadow box is from our friend Peggy, 
the porcelain shoe was mine as a baby, the gorgeous monkey cup was from our friend Catherine, a ultrasound picture of Emerson when she was in my belly, a handmade music box from our friend Allison, a print that says "butterfly kisses" because it was my Father-Daughter song at our wedding and because she often asks me to give these kisses to her, two dresses I wore as a baby that she also wore and additional fun items I found on etsy. 
And just because she is….

 She is the apple of my eye, the sweet cream to my coffee, and the icing on my cupcake. Her room is an extension of all of her girly sweetness that radiates pink, flowers and sunshine.
(The ice cream table set and mini mug were mine as a child too and I treasure watching her enjoy them so much.)

“Let her sleep. For when she wakes, she will move mountains.”

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  1. Did you make this bed or buy it? Either way my daughter found it on google image search and now wants one of her own! PLEASE SHARE! The room looks amazing and I love all the personal touches!

  2. where did u buy this bed very much in love with it and my daughter would live it thanks


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