Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Tea Box Dollhouses

Has anyone ever made you a gift?

In my book, handmade gifts are the best gifts. I’d prefer a homemade card any day to a Hallmark and a present created by someone’s hands even if more on the imperfect side than a store bought, pristine made-in-China tschoske.
 (Our Christmas gifts from the kids even had handmade wrap.)
 (I love when the kids present me with projects from school that 
they made just for me.)
This year for Christmas I wanted to make some gifts for the kids to reflect the sentimental value of something made with one’s own hands. None of the gifts were anything extraordinarily unique, but my littles’ eyes lit up when I told them Mommy had made “that” gift for them.

For Sissy, I took some empty tea boxes, covered them with white duct tape and used colored vinyl tape to decorate them like miniature dollhouses. I purchased an adorable wooden peg family from etsy.

 My girl has enjoyed role playing with her new family and their home while it makes me smile every time I hear her sweet little voice mimicking the Mommy. 
I'll share more of our gifts later but can't go without showing off our new outdoor swing. The BEST handmade gift by our girl Kathleen.  
 Thank you to anyone who has ever made me a gift with their own hands. Chances are I still have it no matter how long ago it was given to me.

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