Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Girl & Tea for Three

Now that the party and play kitchens have wrapped up, I can get back to blogging in a more timely manner. But, for now I need to play a little catch up so take a trip back in time with me about four weeks ago.

My birthday girl turned one on March 24th and we had a very special day planned. She woke up looking a little Nick Nolte slash Adam Lambert.

This was her reaction to me singing Happy Birthday to her....not exactly what I was looking for but I'll take that sweet brown eyed girl any way I can have her.

After a little sink shampoo and comb-over topped off with a nice bottle of milk we got ourselves ready to head into the city.

We were determined to make this day happen and a little snow was not going to stop us.

We dropped the boys on Lexington Avenue and headed uptown to Alice's Tea Cup to have Wee Tea for Emerson's big day. 

I had each of our hats custom made by this amazingly talented woman on etsy. (Please check her out--she makes gorgeous, one-of-a-kind fascinator hats for babies, kids and adults!)

Emerson's hat had a real teacup and spoon on it. The flower inside of the teacup made it look as if a frothy cappuccino had just been poured into it. She received lots of attention!

And what would a proper tea be without pearls?

(My adorable teacup and saucer ring was made by Sypria.)

From the moment we sat down birthday girl knew just what to do. A perfect little lady, no elbows on the table.

We had omelets, pumpkin stuffed pancakes and Alice's homemade banana baby food.  

The birthday girl was given a red velvet cupcake thickly frosted with sugary cream cheese.

She loved every second of it right from the first bite.

(If you recall the birthday pictures where she yanks her paci right out
of her mouth when she sees the cupcake coming, it was because
she had tasted her first cupcake three days earlier and 
knew what kind of goodness was coming her way.)

A whole lotta yumminess!

(The pearl bracelet Aunt Sarah gave us that we wear often.)

We took a few more pictures before we said goodbye and headed back downtown.

Birthday girl looks a little like a drunken sailor here. Must have been the mix of rich chocolate and milk. 

We were only two blocks south of the restaurant when Miss March looked like this......

We waited for the boys at the corner of Lexington and 57th. (I loved capturing this moment of Daddy talking to Hunter.) They didn't see us as first.

Then Hunter got a glimpse of Mommy across the street.

After two meltdowns, one Grammy-Mommy fuss, twelve repeats of Tad's "Word Caper", one wrong bridge, and $92 in parking and tolls, all ended well. As my friend Peggy reminds me, "isn't that part of the adventure?"

Because after one bath, two yummy-smelling sleepy pajammied kids, three glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, four cartons of Chinese takeout, there were five very happy people inside our heart-full little home.

And it was all worth it.

Happy Birthday little girl! We love you.

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.  ~Grandma Moses


  1. I loved our tea party in the city. Especially excited that this tradition will continue with Emerson. Mema celebrated tea parties with Aunt Sarah and myself for as long as I can remember......we never had one in the city....much less New York City, but the little corner of the small kitchen in Thomasville relegated specifically for our blue wooden table and chairs was "CITY ENOUGH". Reading all of this reminded me of a beautiful book called "If Teacups Could Talk", which Mema gave me for Christmas about 15 years ago. I just pulled it out. As she so often does, she had written all through the book...pointing out memories of shared cups of tea and parties along the way with Sarah and me. From Mema's handwritten note 15 years ago... to you and Emerson today..."I wish we could do them all again". Next year is already on my calendar!

  2. Love that Mom!!! Thank you! Emerson wore her hat again today and I just packed them all safely away until next year. Hmmm, where will we go??!!

  3. Looks as if a wonderful time was had by all. Certainly an event to remember and so wonderful to be shared by three generations of woman, and I think the best is yet to come!

  4. Another Great Post! The picture of Emerson sleeping after her cake is one of my favorites of her!!! I love this picture! Great shot of Hunter and Dave popping across the street too. Somehow that shot makes me miss NYC, my family and little H n E.


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