Friday, April 29, 2011

Here Came Peter Cotton Tail

I heart the holidays. It's as simple as that. 

Not only do I love an excuse to dress up....

but now I have two kids I can dress up too.

The holidays provide no better reason to act all festive-goofy.

(The fun glasses are courtesy of Grammy's Easter delivery.)

I even busted these bad boys out for the whole week of Easter!

(A little unknown fact about me. I collect bedroom slippers. 
Thanks for these cuties Mom!)

Holidays are the prime time to host themed parties, another one of my favorite things.

We went to our first Easter egg hunt at our friend Alexis' house. After Daddy explained the rules of the game, Hunter wasted no time tapping into those large motor skills he is graced with (per his teachers--I don't make this up!) as soon as he heard the yell "Go!"

(I got this photo of him the second they took off.)

We did have to clarify that although the goal of the game is to collect as many eggs as possible, we don't steal them from Alexis even though she is our friend. 

Someone ruled this holiday hunt!

I have always loved the holidays; however, it's the kids that bring the spirit of the occasion to life. They make every single holiday shine all the more brighter. 

See my little guy here? This is his face just as he sees a huge bunny emerge into the yard.

And this is how he reacted. 

(Ok, this could go down in the history as the greatest image ever. 
I caught it--the joy--right on cue.)

Then I had one of those moments when you know that all of the hard work that you do as a mom is totally and utterly worth it. I watched as my son ran over to the refreshment table to get a carrot for the rabbit and took it to her. I stood proud as I watched my son--my compassionate and caring son who thought of another before himself.

(See the carrots in his little hand and the happiness on his face?)

Meanwhile little squirt had been sitting in this same spot for a very long time. I became concerned it was the weight of her hat when I finally realized it was because she did not want to touch the wet grass. 

Holidays mean eating lots of bad-but-oh-so-good-for-you stuff. Don't hold back. Hold a cookie in one hand and two lollipops in the other because before you know it, they will be gone.

We took time to chase the Easter bunny.

...take pictures with her...

(Somebody did not like this rabbit.)

And get Sissy off that wet grass.

We had our own Easter celebration with our good friends Sari, Eric, Andrew and Amelia.

Cutest. Kids. Ever. And, we love them to pieces.

Prepped and ready to go for the hunt.

And they're off!

They searched high.

They searched low.

Some of us made sure to protect our boo-boos while we did so.

(Millie strategically kept her one pant leg up
to protect her boo-boo that was also covered by a 
very fancy band-aid.)

While others opted to stay hydrated.

(The sippy, puppy or harmonica. 
One is rarely far behind.)

They ran.

They multitasked.

And some got a little help from Daddy.

Although some were distance-challenged,

They worked what they got!

After the hunt, dyeing some colorful eggs, and eating too much candy, we said goodbye.

(My kids adore Sari and her family and it warms my heart
that we have special friends that will be a part
of their holiday memories.)

Easter morning there were beautiful colored eggs on our table and baskets filled with goodies.

Traditional ears of course. 

A yummy brunch of egg pizza and Pineapple-Coconut Strata.

and getting ready for church.

(The beautiful monogrammed dress my friend JC and her
mom Carol gave her. Gorgeous.)

After church we went to a birthday party at our friend Cooper's house and then squeezed in a cloudy-turned-very-rainy walk on the beach. 

...which included some racing with Daddy.

We saw promises of a bright Spring when we noticed this cherry blossom tree that had just bloomed.

On the way home we received an invite from our favorite neighbors so we stopped by.

There is nothing better than a screened in porch on a rainy spring day being surrounded by those you love.

We tried Acai (ah-sigh-E) ice cream for the first time.

And played Alejandro's new bongos until well past dinner time.

(Sissy in her cool new socks that Pedro bought her.)

Just as we arrived home the sun broke through to deliver a not-expected beautiful sundown. It was another reminder that not-so-pretty beginnings can mean beautiful endings.

The holidays have a lot of different meanings to all of us but, if you're not breaking out the themed dishes, funky clothes and banners, I challenge you to give it a try. Memorial Day is just around the corner. Put in a little extra effort and I promise you that not only will you find you smile a little more on that day but, 

if you look hard enough,

you just might find the golden egg.


  1. This picture of Hunter snagging an Easter egg reminds me of someone. Hmmmmm..... ;)

    I love the story of him running to the snack table to grab a carrot. That's one of the best stories - i love it!

    Thanks for taking the time to post these pieces, it helps the uncle who's a million miles away take part in the fun you are all having

  2. josh reported earlier today that I'd better "take a look" at another wonderful blog. He is Right! I appreciate all of the effort that you put into these for me too. Since Hunter and Emerson are my only grandchildren, the information and frequency of your blogs is WONDERFUL! It is easy to see from one entry to another how the kids are changing, learning and growing. I also very much enjoy seeing so many of the friends that you have introduced me parties, music class and egg hunts. Looks like Andrew and Hunter did the "bestest" at egg hunts! I swear I had to do a double-take on the pic of Hunter "stealing" or let's say borrowing eggs from his friends' basket......yes, this was a specialty of one of your brothers as well. By the way, this same bro won the county egg hunt in his age group at age 2!!! How 'bout that? I still remember what he was wearing that day.....a long sleeve yellow shirt, blue jeans with suspenders, and a blue baseball hat which was on his head backwards!.....I believe Hunter is definitely following in some very unique Uncle traits!

  3. Aaaah what a wonderful day :-) Love all the photos. Gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa


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