Sunday, April 24, 2011

A little bit of everything

Do you ever have those days where it feels as if a little bit of everything happened but yet nothing substantial happened? Sometimes I feel those are the very days that memories are made. 

Many "little happies" have happened over the past few weeks that haven't been mentioned in past posts yet they are special moments that I don't want to neglect. 

1) Hunter met my favorite childhood doll, Madison Crosby. I told him, "this doll was very, very loved by Mommy" and he immediately took Madison and kissed him on the face and then gave him a big hug. It melted me.

He then proceeded to keep asking me "where is his pee-pee?"

2) The harmonica continues to be a favorite at home.....

...and in the car.

3) Fashionista-in-training. I can't help it. I'm hopelessly devoted to fashion and I dress Emerson as the part while I can. Because I know one day she will want to pick out her own clothes and, as hard as it will be, I need to let her.

4) I captured this picture of the moon right outside our front door a few weeks ago. 

My dad called the week I was due with Hunter and said, "my guess is that you're going to go into labor on Friday night because it's supposed to be a full moon." 

Friday night came and I did go into labor--the night that forever changed my life. I still get butterflies every time I see a full moon and send up well wishes to all of the other full-moon-moms-to-be.

5) A new favorite past-time of Sissy's is hanging upside down. 

I think this all started when she was a newborn and could only fall asleep being held just like this.

(You can't make these things up.)

6) Hunter was introduced to Daddy's infamous triple decker and he hasn't looked back since. 

7) BaBa and Pop Pop came by for a visit. It amazes me how comfortable the kids feel with all of their grandparents although they don't get to see them very often. My typical Mommy's girl was right at home with both of them from the first moment they arrived. 

I love when I am able to capture moments like this in a picture. You can see how much Hunter loves his Pop Pop and is completely entranced by what he is telling him.

Yet always still keeping an eye on Sissy.

8) We always love when company comes over because that means we get to jump on the bed with our friend Carly!

9) There have been a lot of A's going on around the house lately.

I keep finding them everywhere. The walls, the furniture, the side of my car, and the bathtub. 

10)  Daddy taught Hunter how to master the art of bubble blowing. A very important skill.

11) Whenever the sun comes out lately, so does the chalk.

Some of us prefer to eat it vs draw with it.

(I love the tongue out and the determination on his face.)

Hunter loves to yell out letters or words for me to write on the driveway. Sissy then mimicks Hunter by yelling "Ay! Ay! Ay!" while motioning for me to write her word out.

(He is all boy and I love it.)
(I love my daughter's eyes. They tell you so much about how she is feeling.)

12) Hunter had his first cupcake at his friend Reid's house. I had decided I wouldn't offer it to him unless he asked. After he said, "muffin, muffin, muffin" about 16 times in a row I gave in. He has always loved muffins but now he knows there is a much better muffin out there and it's called cupcake!

13) I keep being reminded that oftentimes, not-so-pretty beginnings can mean beautiful endings. 

14) I continue to love to be a part of my kids' new discoveries. A small bird that I typically would have just walked passed at the nature center is now five minutes of wonderment and excitement. 

15) And the playground? Fuhgettaboutit! Nothing makes me smile more than seeing how excited my happies get while swinging and sliding.

(Again, the tongue and determination while climbing to the top.)

(Nothing but pure joy at the bottom.)

(So we do it 64 more times.)

16) When I think back on Hunter as a two year old this is what I will see. The sippy out to the side and Puppy.

17) I love when my son comes home from school wearing something like this because I know he's had fun.

I believe all of his art is beautiful and I wish I could crawl inside his head to know what he is thinking as he brushes, scribbles, and drips.

18) It warms my heart when I see big brother and Sissy playing together. They continually watch and learn from each other. Although this typically quickly turns to a fight over who has ownership, I know they love each other to the core. I just know it.

(This is how they watch tv together. He always holds onto the side of her chair and
I am sure it's because he realizes his job is to protect her.)

19) I have a painting on our living room wall by an artist named Nay that says, "Pay attention to the whole picture." It reminds me to do just that. 

This is a picture that I almost deleted until I looked a little closer. 

It's this adorable little life right in front of me while the world is spinning around frantically. To me, it means that if I get distracted by the world's nonsense and being the person it wants me to be, I won't be able to focus on what really matters. And life is just too short to do that.

My hope is that you too will find the treasures in everyday randomness.

"The journey has been incredible from its beginning. So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness." - Sidney Poitier

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