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NYC Marathon (by Guest Blogger Daddy)

(Written by Daddy on 12/23/11)

Here it is, my first post.  It has taken me a while, as I never have any time- or frankly much interest to sit down for hours at the computer when I am home- but for Christmas this year, that is what I asked from Santa, 'some time'.  

Weird thing to put on a Christmas list, but that is really what I wanted.  So, as hard as it might be with the 2 champs under 3, Brooke gave me the gift I was needing, free time.  So..........I guess I will tell ya'll a little story. Grab your favorite drink, snuggle up with a loved one, and buckle up, you are about to board the Crazy Train with Daddy (when Mommy is not around).  (don't mind the blurry pictures, that's how I roll as I was still getting used to Brooke's camera...and that reality is blurry pictures might be the true essence of life, just a little too blurry- not enough time to get the perfect shot, but something that somewhat paints a familiar brush stroke of what you call life; a blur) Just take a moment to relish in the simplicity of real life while stepping aboard the Crazy Train with Daddy...(press play on the soundtrack and welcome aboard- the song does not compliment the blog so feel free to hit stop whenever your head starts ringing, HAH!)

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Hunter said, "Later Sis, I'm rolling to the City with Daddy on the Train.  We're gonna watch the NYC marathon!" On his way out the door he blurted, "Sis, HA, the cool thing is we're running from 125th st, down to 59th st along the East River.  Then we're taking the TRAM over the river to Roosevelt Island and checking the runners as they cross the 59th St bridge- AWESOME!  Then, check this out Sis, we're going downtown to Wall Street to see the Statue of Liberty- YES!!!!  So, have fun doodling with your crayons, PEACE!" (He didn't really say that but, in my mind that is what he told her)  See if you are not familiar, I am a runner, I love to run- even more I love to run with my kids in the jogger stroller so we can talk the whole way.  Yeah, crazy? or just smart?  Me, Emerson & Hunter finished a Half-Marathon, a 10 mile race, and many 12 mile journey's- Hunter and I have now logged in 3 Half-Marathons together alone.  he has become a bit of a celebrity in our local running community.  So we were going to run around NYC together!!!!  What better way to see everything?!?!?

Here we are getting ready to leave.  It was a little chilly, maybe 40-50ish but the sun was out and I was hoping running around the city pushing the stroller would warrant me wearing shorts...hmmm, we'll see if I regret that...
(The train is a comin' oh yeah, the train is a comin' oh yeah, the train is a comin' oh yeah) Recite that kid lullaby as you see this clip...


Hunter said, "WWWWHOA!!!!!"
Here we are reading Uncle Josh NYC Book that he LOVES in prep for our big day.

This picture below is a scene in the book he was just reading, so I thought it would be fitting to at least take a picture there.  It is page 15 or so and describes Park Avenue in Harlem.
Oh, and now we are obviously on the street.  125th st to be exact and our NYC journey is about to begin.
This is Hunt leading his way onto the TRAM with all the local folk.  See the TRAM is like a gondola in NYC.  It sails over the city and connects Rossevelt Island to the usual city traffic, over bridges, over buildings, well you'll see...

That green thing is the East River.  It is when I see these pictures when I say to myself, "Wait isn't water supposed to be be blue?"  I guess not in New York.
See the beauty behind the NYC marathon is they close the majority of the East Side streets and the whole city comes out and cheers on...kind of Mardi Gras style, and different than most any other marathon.  Honestly, how many times do you see a NYC street look this barren?

We stopped off and grabbed a couple slices of pizza on 54th St (notice what the other "normal" people are wearing and just wonder how I was feeling in my shorts and T now)
Hey who is watching that kid- Hah that is me...
Another beauty about NYC is the size of a "slice" of Pizza.  I mean, come on--look at that--it is bigger than Hunt's whole arm.  Funny side story, I remember when my family moved from NJ to Ga, the first day we were there, unpacking the moving truck and my sis and I were getting hungry and both agreed to run out and get a "slice".  First stop, Pizza Hut, they never heard of anyone just buying a slice.  Leslie and I looked at ourselves like they were crazy.  Next Pizza joint, "Sorry ya'll we don't sell by the slice down in these parts".  So we went for fast food burgers and went home and asked our parents what kind of crazy place they were moving us to that doesn't sell pizza by the slice!
After our slices, we headed to the subways to make a fast move to see the Statue of Liberty which was at the bottom of the island.  It was kind of hard with the stroller in the subway with all the escalators, but Hunt is a super trooper and we made it.
We took the 4-5-6 downtown from 59th street.
And here we are- the statue of liberty!!!  (A move any mom would probably murder me for- standing on the fence post)
Look at this shot of Hunt below, come on- P.E.R.F.E.C.T
From here we called my buddy Matt who was in with his son Owen, doing a relatively similar thing- riding the Crazy Train.  We both had jogger strollers and decided to run up from The Statue to the 59th st finish.  That is about 5 or 6 miles (on top of the other 4 we already ran).  See normally this would be a passable feat, but this guy is a machine, he runs around 6 minute miles....forever!  The guy is as fast as all can be, and we were running up hill to 59th st.  Fortunately, we found a playground a couple miles into the run- gave me a second to catch my breath.
Done with the playground, back to the road of running.  Those 2 little things in the picture are me and Hunt.  That is standing in front of the Imperial Battleship- HUGE!
Right about now, we are logging in at about mile 10, hour 7...aka, breakdown time!

We made it to the train and grabbed our seat of 4, hoping no one would dare risk sitting next to a crazy man in shorts and a sub-3 year old who is obviously on the verge of breaking down...
But someone was that crazy and boxed us in.  Its cool, we met more people...obviously crazy too.
The whole trip was very hard, but great fun!!!
When I tell the story it seems like a schedule of pointed facts, but the truth is it was the best thing I have done...ever.  I bonded with my son, and actually saw how cool he is...but even weirder than that, how cool he thought I was.  He had a blast, I had a blast, and all I can think of now......will I ever have that time again?  Hunt, I don't want to lose you,  I understand you will grow up and forget about me, but don't, be different, don't worry about trying to fit in, don't get peer pressured by anyone, draw your own path and don't draw the line too far ahead and always be ready for setbacks.  Go out and have fun, but honestly have your own fun, find your heart and let that lead the way- don't rush, I am in my mid-thirties and I am just realizing this.  Learn, read, understand who made the mistakes before you and let them pay for it- history teaches you more than you will realize.  Believe me, even the great wonders of the world fall down more times than you think, don't worry so much about failure- I love you Champ!  

Always remember, "Twenty Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, then the things you did do- so throw off the bow lines, let the trade winds catch your sails, explore, dream, discover" Mark Twain

(OK, now hit stop on the music before Mommy gets upset!)


  1. Love it daddy! You create memories for all lucky enough to know you. This is the first of many, I promise you! Look forward to your post when you and the kids walk to seaside heights. Great kids who love the adventures too. Love, aunt les

  2. Well, I'm crying.....I knew I had the greatest son-in-law ever, but this adventure post sealed the the way, keep working on those scavenger hunt shenanigans you do at all the b'day parties.....ALL the kids love you!! You are quite the adventure leader it seems! love you, Julia/Grammy


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