Thursday, March 8, 2012

On a Mojo Mission

I woke up and got my mojo back. 

Yes, you read that correctly. After being in a slump for the past few weeks, I stumbled onto this this lovely lady's blog and she picked me back up and got me on my feet. 

I dare you to check out her blog and not get inspired. 
          Go ahead. 
                    Do it. 
                          I warn you though - you will walk away Awesomely Awake!

So, without further ado, I have opted to put on blinders to the somewhat challenging moments of the past few weeks and am choosing to focus fully on the little happies that I will one day look back on and know they were really BIG and not so little after all.

1) Little girls playing big dress up. 
She loves anything that has to do with sparkle, leg warmers, hats, bangles, and beads.
She is a fan of the camera and says "Cheeeese" every time she sees one. Girlfriend even has a new sassy camera face....
2) The magical wonder of watching tiny fingers work on fine motor skills using playdoh, dried spaghetti noodles, Cheerios and coins. 
Realizing that my little is quickly growing up since he has nearly mastered the art of cutting with a knife.
(Our homemade piggy bank to fulfill his coin addiction. 
The duct tape makes it more challenging for him 
to push the coins through hence really working those finger muscles.)
(Place a large mound of playdoh on a table, stick a dried spaghetti noodle
in it and bead Cheerios onto the stick.)
3) Meeting the newest little for the first time. 
One of us had very little interest.
While the other stared in awe.
4) And making sure our family's biggest still feels pretty special. 
5) Hosting my 3rd Annual Cookies & Champagne Party (a.k.a. the ultimate in girly decadence). 
6) Having a hubs who lets me take advantage of solo sunset bubble baths.
7) Having a girl who celebrates tutus just about as much as I do.
8) Teaching my kids about afternoon tea (thank you Roxanne for the perfect Almond Raspberry Tea Cookies!)
9) Learning that musical instruments can be made out of just about anything.
10) Discovering a new found love of dress up.
11) Creating our own playdoh and Chicken Pot Pies.
...while big brother plays DJ.
(The CD player is located in the back corner so he hoists himself 
up and picks the perfect songs for us while we cook.)

12) Falling head-over-heels for a new CD we received at church
to which we give Mommy a full-on dance show and them proclaim, 
"Mommy, I love dancing to Jesus!"
13) Making Green Eggs & Ham to celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday (thank you Kathleen!)
 (It looks a little like broccoli but the kids loved it!)
14) Putting up St. Patty's Day Decor for the first year ever. (Our nod to ReRe and the Quirks--we love you!)
(My sitter extraordinaire helped me create this and came up
with the clever idea of putting Christmas lights in the jar with green tissue. 
The picture doesn't quite capture the beautiful green hue is casts.)
 The kids loved listing all of the people and things they are blessed to have.
And the quote is a reminder to me that without the rain there would be no rainbows.....or cute wellie boots.
(I found this awesome printable here.)
Although you know how I really feel about luck, I feel pretty darn Lucky.
 (Little loves to wash dishes.)
 15) Playing store. 
You bring your grocery items to Hunter, he then takes your order (his store offers pancakes and chocolate) by writing it down on a note pad and "taps" the information into the computer (a.k.a the calculator he calls his computer) to add up what you owe. 
He then slides your credit card (my CVS card) into his computer and has you sign a receipt. 
His new passion for imaginary play makes me smile as does his fascination with counting money. He just informed me last week that he "needs 50's and 100's!"

16) When I catch them playing together.
(Sissy insists on carrying around that photo of Kathleen 
everywhere she goes in the house.)
 17) And nothing, but nothing, can help me shake a bad case of the blues like a date with my son. 
It was difficult for me to hold back joyful tears when he said at least 14 times before we hit the end of the driveway, "yay! Just Hunter and Mommy! Just Hunter and Mommy!" with a huge grin on his face.
Yup. That definitely deserved a bit, fat chocolate iced cupcake. 

 This morning I am enjoying a hot cup of coffee, sitting in one of my favorite spots with bright morning sun pouring over me. 

I just looked up the definition of the word mojo. Although I use it a lot and believe I know it, I've never actually looked up the meaning behind it. 

You know what it means? "Finding the magic in what we do." 

In a funk, got the blues....who needs it? I've got the stuff magic is made of with rainbow sprinkles on top.
"Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. 
When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you."
- Lao Tzu


  1. Aw, I am sorry you were down! So glad you got your MOJO back!!

  2. Inspired. St. Pattie's Day :) Love, Aunt Les

  3. As you already know, I love this post! Thanks for sharing it with Tuesday Tots!


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