Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh Baby!

My beautiful friend, Lindsay, came to visit us and snapped some photos that make me smile every time I look at them. She is as talented as she is gorgeous and sweet with a true talent for capturing feeling in her photos. 
Dear baby,
We cannot wait to welcome you into our little family. Your presence will surely bring more joy than we can even imagine. We are anxiously awaiting to know if you will be a boy or a girl. Hunter believes you are a boy and Mommy thinks you may be a girl but, we both agree that we are excited either way. 
You have been the easiest pregnancy Mommy has had and she is grateful for that. With just over 6 weeks to go we are eagerly awaiting your arrival and beginning to get things prepared for you. 

Although we feel it is a struggle because we don't have a room you can call your own, we know that won't matter and all you need are hugs, love and kisses with which our home runs abundant.
Your big brother already has lots of practice being the big and, we can assure you, he takes his job very seriously. He is so excited to finally meet you and was in pure awe when he got to see you for the first time on the screen at Mommy's ultrasound. 
Although Sissy doesn't like to talk about you much, she constantly lifts Mommy's shirt and lays her head on you. She then rubs you and gives you multiple kisses. We know you don't hear her talk to you much but we think she will surprise you. She will be the one who will be your guardian and your vehement protector.
All images by Lindsay Maiorana, Images with Heart

Baby, we already love you and cannot wait to show you with our warm hugs, gentle kisses, sweet singing and soft embraces. 

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  1. Congrats to you and your family Brooke! You will be in my thoughts as you prepare for and welcome your new bundle. I can not wait to see pictures, for there is no greater joy <3

  2. The photos are soooo sweet and simply beautiful!

  3. Such a sweet post, thank you so much Brooke! It is easy to take pictures of such beautiful and adorable subject :)


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