Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Wrap Up

BOO! A quick wrap-up of our Halloween activities now that our power is fully restored, laundry has been caught up, the freezer and refrigerator have been dumped of bad goods (huge bummer!!) and my favorite computer is usable again:

The cute kids....
The tooth fairy and her baby tooth:
The tooth fairy's husband and storm fire-making master.
Our attempts at getting a group photo by the tree went a little like this:

So we did what any good parent would do. We offered them candy if they would cooperate. They were so busy watching it that it took loud parenting cheers and maybe a round of "Wheels on the Bus" to get semi-full attention.
Our prayer at dinner a few nights later by Sissy: "Dear Jesus, thank you for Brendan and Ryan's house, Jack's house, Baby Teaghan's house and Ethan's house." (She neglected to mention any of the sisters. Hmm....)
The multi-talented parents. They can entertain, discipline, negotiate, direct traffic, enforce manners, make Happy Meals and organic food seem equally delicious, referee and maintain a semi-full adult conversation all in a single bound.
Sissy claimed her new BFF.
She wanted Suzanne to assist her to every home. The new BFF informed us that before Sissy arrived at each doorstep she would say under her breath, "Want some". 
It was an amazing night that ended with our group sitting around a cold kitchen by flashlight, digging through new candy treasures, feeling warm with laughter and good stories and not letting a big bully by the name of Sandy steal our holiday fun.
(The post-storm waves at our beach. I took this photo from our car window high up on the rocks and the right side of my face got slammed with water!)
Speaking of Sandy, I'm not partial to reliving the last 7+ days of being without heat and electricity, but there were definitely some moments of sunshine that peeked through the bleak, gray rain.

Being thankful for soft blankets, lots of cozy layers, warm milk, hot tea, and curling up with a good mystery while listening to sweet baby sounds.
Taking lunch anywhere outside of home since we all had a case of cabin fever. In this case, we visited a nearby elementary school and sat amongst large fallen branches and across from broad doors that had been blown out by the storm's winds. 
We read books at night by flashlight and tried some new activities during the day to keep our minds off the cold.
(Daddy read The Very Hungry Caterpillar while the kids found the colorful felt pieces that matched.)
Hoping you and yours are staying warm and recognizing all of the little things we sometimes take for granted that make life special.


  1. So nice to pop over here and see all of your beautiful faces! I am so glad you are all ok and I LOVE those Halloween costumes!

  2. I love the lego tower in the background hahaha.

  3. It makes me cold while looking at the pictures and imagining the house at 45 degrees. But there is Dave, smiling all the while, because he knows that the power and gas bills will be low this month!
    Stay warm!


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