Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Fall-O-Ween (a little belated)

"There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch." - Robert Brault

(Post written on Saturday, October 27th: Our family just emerged from 7 full days of no electricity or heat. We were truly blessed in that our home and yard were spared and we only suffered being really, really cold living in a house tempered at below 45 degrees and continual breakouts of pinching, hitting, crying and frustration over sharing small quarters for what felt like an eternity. BUT we made it through, we still love each other to pieces and I can honestly say that I've never been so happy to be inside our warm and cozy home.)

I love fall. 
After doing our best to prepare for what promises to be an ugly storm headed our direction, I frantically took pictures of the fall foliage, cooked a couple of yummy meals that could be warmed up (we have a gas stove that doesn't require electricity), and tried to squeeze in some crafty activities before we were left with no hot water or lights.
I tried to perfect a recipe for ghost bananas that I discovered on Pinterest but it ended in soggy, banana mush that fell out of the white chocolate shell.
My kids were less than enamored at my efforts. 
So we moved on to dressing up for the pre-storm activities. 
Meet Dr. Hunter Menoni Builder (he added the last part on the day of the party and insisted on carrying his tool box so no one would be confused as to his dual identity.)
And Elmo for the girl who couldn't decide between her top two choices. 
(I am totally in love with this costume! It was hand crafted by The Dancing Tutu on etsy.)
Although she claimed she loved her outfit, she soon broke into tears exclaiming her dress was "too big! too big! take off!" to which we finally made a quick wardrobe change and smiles soon followed. 
Yeah, this is more her look anyway. 
We all happily made our way to our friends' Bonfire party and then headed out to another friends' outdoor Charlie Brown's Halloween viewing party.
During the night Sissy met up with her favorite friend Teaghan. Every time I looked over she was kissing him on the cheek or lips. (Should I be worried about this?)
It was a great night and we went to bed knowing that even if storm Sandy steals the traditional Halloween night, we still feel as if we got to celebrate in a big way.
Oh, and another one of my favorite things about Autumn? 

 Happy Fall!

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  1. Um....the elmo costume is possibly the best I've seen!!!


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