Monday, May 30, 2011

Home of the Brave and Ruffled Tooshies

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to our friends, family and loved ones who bravely served our country and those that continue to serve (Jeremy/Becky). We honor you today.

(Sissy eats anything she can get her hands on.)

(First time eating ice cream.)

(First time eating a popsicle.)

Memorial Day afternoon ride to the beach in the Radio Flyer Uncle Josh gave us. 

(Hunter was only one week old when Josh gave him this.)

(They kept saying "cheers!" and clinking sippys.)

(Trying on Daddy's sunglasses and saying "Cheese!")

(This tree just blossomed in our yard this week
so I had to take a photo.)

(The smudges you see in the photos are not your imagination.
Those are courtesy of my kids' fingerprints on the lens.)

(Cutest ruffled tooshie in town!)

(Love those sweet new curls!)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday! Sending love.


  1. Glad to see the kids taking a Flyer ride! Its probably best I'm not close by, you know how i'd want to pull them at about eighty miles an hour to hear them giggle ;)

  2. ;) Well, actually we have Dave for that so they'll be warmed up when you DO get here to give them a ride! It's so funny to watch them in it---it starts out as a love-fest between them since riding across from each other is so new...then they start kicking each other, then hitting and then tears. We make them say they're sorry and hug and it's the love-fest all over again. ;) Greatest gift ever Uncle Joshie!!!


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