Monday, May 9, 2011

Perfect Weekend

I had the perfect weekend. They don't come along often but this weekend was the exception. It played out like this:

A trip into the city where I had time to stop and watch friends and relatives greet each other with warm smiles and tight embraces under the big clock.  

A delicious guacamole-and-chips-with-a-side-of-banana-rum-french-toast brunch with one of my favorite guys in the world while this little diddy by Edward Sharpe  played in the background. 

(My friend George. He is good looking and good people.)

Enjoying the beautiful outdoors and not letting a passing rain shower stop us. 
Coming home to a clean house, balloons on the mailbox, a completed honey-do list and a two-hour massage followed by seeing this boy who I barely recognized. 
(Daddy gave my little guy a "trim" while I was relaxing
on a massage table upstairs. I cried a little and I think
it was because I saw a boy and not a baby anymore.) 

Having good friends (you rock Amy!) that will do sitter swaps so I can enjoy a dinner-and-a-movie night out with my beau.

Being served hot coffee and breakfast in bed two days in a row by a great-looking guy and two of the cutest little people you've ever seen.

And, my favorite--finding notes in my wallet, on my mirror, in my car, on the computer, and many other places reminding me how special I am.

(I've collected 20 notes and am still discovering them....)

Yup, it was an amazing weekend and I have my husband to thank for it.  But, because I want to be real, I need to tell you that with the exception of the surprise massage, this weekend also happened because I asked for exactly what I wanted--right down to the little notes. 

I know some of you may be rolling your eyes right now but, the problem is, few of us communicate what it is we really want and then we end up bitter towards our loved ones for not delivering. We secretly hope they'll read our mind but, the truth is, they can't. 

If we asked for exactly what we needed wouldn't it make it easier on all of us? I tell my husband what I need, he doesn't have to play mind games (Ahem ladies. Yes, we do play mind games), he knows exactly what to do and we're both happy. So what if I need to have post-it notes placed all over the house to remind me of what it is that makes my hubby love me? I need that and you probably do too.

Because I need reminding every once in a while, I know my friends do too. I spent this afternoon dropping off balloons and a note to some of my favorite gals so they would know how special they are. 

I am blessed with AMAZING friends who are such good mommies and inspire me to be a better person.  I love you guys!

And what made this holiday weekend ultra-special was that it was shared with two very special birthdays.

Pop Pop

and Uncle Josh. 

Sharing a big day with both of you rounds out this gal's perfect weekend. I love you both!

Oh, and my little guy's hair? It's growing on me. 

I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me "mommy."
-- Author Unknown


  1. This brought back a memory from your childhood. Dad decided to help me out by taking josh for a "trim". I came home from running errands to be met by a very proud little guy at the top of the stairs shouting "mommy look, I got to sit in the man hair chair" (I think he meant the Barber chair). I took one look at the head minus the curls, and had to make a quick trip to the room with the john. After a cry of great magnitude, I lied and told your bro how great his new haircut looked. FYI the curls never returned quite the same way. Overnight, josh became a little boy. Trust me, I think this "happening" is universal for all moms of little boys with curly locks! This was a lesson in letting go. Cameron had his first haircut without me having a meltdown.....I was prepared.

  2. Cute story that brings back some memories from an early haircut i received (see mom's comment above) :)

    Thanks for including me - and glad to hear we both had an awesome weekend with good loving people


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