Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Big Reveal--Blog Lovin' & Boy/Girl DIY Rooms

Between the holidays, Hunter's party and working I'm seriously slacking in my posts; however, I've also been holding out a little for two exciting reveals.

#1 Meet my newly designed blog. It was time to get a look that truly reflects me and my littles. Now, if between work, the holidays and parties I could just keep those posts up.....

#2 My littles new rooms. Now that they have their own individual personalities, we felt they should have their own space to reflect that.

Sooooo, out with the old..........
 (The glider was a $20 tag sale purchase and I had the cushions covered in a fun outdoor fabric 
for easy cleaning. It will definitely be used again for the new baby!)
 (Art work from my talented brother, Josh. It will definitely find another home within our walls.)
(Emerson's crib.)
 (I'm a lucky gal--my husband is also an artist and he painted this beautiful tree on Emerson's 
side of the room to uniquely display her baby photos.)

 (More of Josh's art work that we love. He made each of my kids a personalized collage--beautiful!)
(This was the first piece of art that I purchased from etsy just before Hunter was born. Many of the names changed as Hunter created his own for the grandparents.)
 (The fun giraffe that Dave painted on Hunter's side of the room. Giraffes became a subtle 
theme in the room.)

 (The fun light fixture that I purchased on the internet. It is still being used in Hunter's room.)

After two months of construction, a lot of shuffling pack-and-plays, and with the NEW!

Hunter's Room with a letters theme because, as you know, he loves letters and reading. 

(The plan is to add his old curtains in but, for now, I love the lanterns from Oriental Trading and the 
removable letter decals I scored for $4 on

I worked with our builder to design a loft for Hunter that had the feeling of a tree house. He loves his new bed and the nook underneath provides the perfect spot for Dave to read to the kids at night. 

We recently added large magnetic boards to one wall with felt letter magnets where he enjoys spelling words.
 We had to keep the giraffe theme going.....
(Art work from Nay Arts on etsy.)
(Hunter's favorite Dr. Seuss flashcards and his own personal Christmas tree.)
 (Bed spread from Ikea and pillows from Three3Peas on etsy so Hunter can spell
words anytime he likes.)

And, introducing Sissy's new vintage room that is as girly-girl as she is! The color on the wall is even called Elephant's Ear since elephants are her favorite animal.
 (Her old dresser and shelves are from Ikea. The knick knacks are gifts from friends when she was born.)

The chandelier was given to use years ago by friends and Emerson's room provided the perfect spot for it. I  found a treasure when I stumbled upon the curtain panels for $7.99 each at Babies-R-Us. The ice cream table and chairs were mine as a child. 
 The builder added a closet and built-ins for her toys.
 (The art work is from etsy and says, "You are my happy" because she is.)

We are still using Emerson's crib and just changed the brown sheets out for a super soft white chenille one. I purchased some fun patterned fabric from etsy for around $11 and will be having some throw pillows made.
 I hung my baby dress which Emerson also wore on the wall along with the print that inspired the room's design. More special wall decor to come so stay tuned.
 (Art work from Strawberry Luna on etsy.)

I couldn't resist buying this book after I found out I was having a girl: "This Little Piggy went to Prada" cause Mommy loves her some Prada shoes!

 Sissy's own special pink Christmas tree. She loves when I plug it in in the morning and she'll point, smile and say, "Liiiiiights!"
I love that I can decorate the kids room to reflect their individual personalities and look forward to seeing how their personalities and rooms evolve.

Until then, we're just enjoying being our little family of four and anticipating it becoming even more FULL of laughter, books, toys, joy and painted rooms come Spring!


  1. The rooms look great and certainly have more than a hint of Mommy's personality. The first shot of Emerson looks exactly like you did at that age, except you often had Oreo smears around your lips! Can't wait to see the new kids decor in person when we come up for Christmas!

  2. The idea that you and Dave would turn one regular bedroom into two separate areas did not compute, until I saw the finished rooms.....WOW, both rooms are simply adorable and perfect examples of the "2" little people who sleep there. You are so creative!


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