Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas & Cookies

The big day.....the big Kahuna....the big Cheese. It came, it went and it's hard to say goodbye. I heart Christmas.

Early morning just before the kids woke up:
I heard the pitter patter of their tiny feet and quick clomping down the stairs with Daddy and they anxiously tried to get downstairs to find out just what Santa had brought them. 

On their way I heard Dave stop them and quietly reminded them that this is Jesus' day and they said a prayer to say Happy Birthday to him. This made my heart overflow. 

When they made it to the end of the stairs they both lit up like sunbeams. I just wish my finger had been quick enough on the button to catch it with my camera.

Sissy immediately walked up to her gifts and said, "Baby, baby!"
It then took her about 2.2 to see a car just her size---a dream come true for my car-and-truck-lovin' girl.
She then informed me that she wanted me to "open it, open it" so her baby could ride in the car with her.
Across the room Hunter was fixated on his coin and musical instrument place mats. He then raced off to find his money and harmonica so he could match these up to the ones on the mats. (He loves to associate everything.)
In the meantime, Sissy had quickly discovered how to get into her new vehicle. 
Dave and I are avid readers and this is something we strive to instill in our children so we made sure Santa knew that our house can never have too many books. He delivered.
(If we could own every Mo Willems book, we would.)

Since our plan is to get Hunter a bike for his birthday (we have been on the search with him for the ideal one), we figured we'd start Sissy on a helmet too. 
She loves it....
Emerson can be a firecracker but, she is one of the most loving little girls I have ever met. She openly gives hugs and kisses and her new baby and bear were no exception.

If all we had given Hunter was his coin mat, I think he would have been satisfied. He played with it all morning. 
And Santa did come through with that pink guitar for Sissy. Now Daddy will have two accompaniments when he performs his popular "1+1+2" and "Yogurt" songs. 
I had no doubt who would fall helplessly in love with the Thomas train set that Hunter got. 

Since we had no snow Dave gave the kids rides around our house in their new snow tube and sled. They were required to wear their helmets which they both found hilarious.
While Grammy and I made our annual Christmas breakfast, Dave read books to the kids.

While I made my sweet potato waffles, Mom made bacon because everything is better with bacon.
Hello lover...and don't even think about wiping any of that grease off!
(Sissy is obsessed with her Elvis hat from BaBa and Pop Pop and she always wants to 
put it on before she eats.)
Hunter enjoyed telling Grammy all about waffles, syrup, Santa, his coins, the train and a host of other things. I'm not sure he even took a breath for about 10 minutes.
We attempted a photo in our matching PJ's (thank you Robin for starting us on this trend!). 
(We searched everywhere but couldn't seem to find Dave's pants which means they'll show up in some random spot over the next day or two.)

The gift opening festivities continued after breakfast.
Until we opened Aunt Leslie's Stomp Rockets and the party had to move outside since our kids love these things. 
Our neighbor just got this vintage car so had to make a stop when he saw Sissy riding in hers.
After a while we came back inside to eat lunch and take a nap. The adults then started our gift opening until the kids woke up. Emerson loved wearing Mommy's new shoes because the girl appreciates some nice kicks.
A look at one side of our living room....I sure wish Santa sent a cleaning crew.
After naps and gift opening we made Christmas cookies. 
The kids listening intently as we gave instructions.
We then rolled out the dough and got to work. 
Once the sprinkles came out, it was all over. 
At one point Hunter went missing and this is how I found him....
Even Daddy got in on the cookie making. 
We were able to rescue the sprinkles back over to the kitchen. Hunter then introduced Puppy to them. He liked them too.
Daddy then used the opportunity as a math lesson. "You may have 10 sprinkles....If you eat one, how many are left?"
Most of us stayed in our pajamas all day and all of us enjoyed the gift of being with family--the ups, the downs, the laughter, the tears and lots of flour on the floor. 
Still keeping the Merry in Christmas.

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  1. Gosh! What fun this was! Remember, all the flour on the floor by Hunter's stool? This brings back so many memories of all of you when you were little......every year at Christmas...when the tree is decorated....there is always the little gold ornament with your picture.....making cookies! It will always be one of my favorites. I can still see you seated at the house in Lawrenceville......choosing your next cookie cuter, and smashing the daylights out of it!


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