Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catch Up in Photos

Being back at work has slowed me down in my blog posts so I've got a lot of exciting moments to catch you up on. 

Grab a hot cup of cider, sit back and relax while I take through some of the special times going on in the Menoni family of late....

 1) Bath time continues to be a favorite activity in our household.
 It also gives us an opportunity to play with our letters which we love.
 And practice pouring, making waves,

 and just hanging out.
 We also like to make funny hair styles while we're in the bath.
 We always have tons of fun.
 Until its time to get out.
 2) We hated saying goodbye to P-Pa but sent him off with beautiful weather and knew he'd be back soon to enjoy the Christmas holidays with us.
 (Giving kisses with those inherited McAllister lips.)
 (A beautiful moment that I was able to capture.)

(Taking a few last photos.)

(It's not always easy to get every one's participation...)

 Final goodbye hugs.

 3) Being able to keep that amazing babysitter who keeps a smile on her face when I give her specifics on creative ways to feed my littles since I'm now back at work.
 (Cottage cheese clouds with a side of fruit rainbows.)
 4) Not being able to part with our Halloween wings.
 Or our Buzz Lightyear costume....
 5) Implementing new responsibilities for Big Brother but finding Sissy can also manage just fine.
(I love that she sticks out her tongue when concentrating just like me.)
 6) A new found love of the Swiffer.
 7) Making up innovative games and activities to play outside.
 (We practiced balancing as many magnet letters on our Frisbee tray as possible. 
You can see the delight in his face.)
 And then it was Sissy's turn.
 8) Trading up our booster seats for big girl and big boy tables and chairs.
 9) Enjoying the "Books and Breakfast" pajama party at school.
 (Hunter is fascinated with marbles and tracks.)
 (Unfortunately no one else was able to enjoy the miniature powdered donuts
because my kids ate them all.)
 (Can't you tell he's saying "cheese"?)
 10) Admiring the beautiful foliage that is signature to the New England area and catching photos of it just before it left.
 11) Heading my first "Fall Clean Up" event as the Event Co-Chair at the kid's school.
It makes me proud to teach my children about taking care of the things we own and giving back to our community. Hunter and Emerson's school is fortunate enough to have use of a beautiful nature preserve all year round.
 (Daddy teaching Hunter how to peel a Clementine.)
 (Sissy enjoying hot cider and wearing Mommy's childhood hat that she adores.)
 (Doing some leaf rubbing.)
 (Emerson flirting with our cute friend Brendan.)
12) Celebrating four months of being gifted with carrying a little miracle and saying goodbye to morning sickness. 
 13) Loving every second of being a hero to my children and knowing that it's only for a short window of time.
 14) ....and being only second to the real hero of the family: Daddy.
 15) Getting excited about seeing my kids develop new interests.
 (I don't know why but I had this deep desire for my little to have a love of blocks, especially Hunter.
It brings back memories of playing with my brothers.)
16) Smiles that completely and utterly melt my heart into a pool of mush.
 17) A continued love of all things music.
 Our home is constantly filled with music whether its CD's ("Jodi's music" a.k.a. Music Together and "Grammy's CD" a.k.a Circle Time are favorites), harmonicas, the drum or our beloved guitar. (Sshhh! We heard Santa is bringing Sissy her own pink guitar for Christmas!)
 18) Cooking in the nude.

 (Naan pizza with fresh tomatoes, corn, ham and cheese)

 19) Relishing when I finally get a great family photo!
 ....which sometimes require allowing the potty to be a part of it.

 20) Dressing my kids up festive for the holidays because I can.

 21) Thanksgiving celebrations at school
 (Hunter eating the turkey shaped cookie he decorated.)
 (Not sure if Sissy decorated with her mouth or her knife.)
22) A trip to Ikea which was a mixture of fun, torture, excitement, tears, good food, bad food, exhaustion, a full trunk and two sleeping kids on the car ride home. 
 23) A new love of grocery carts and baby strollers.
 24) A wonderful husband who finally caved in and got me a new Mac after many, many repeated requests. I love that guy!
 (As you can tell by the tent we are getting ready to host a circus....)

There is lots more to catch you up on but I've got some greenery to hang and a tree to decorate.....

"If you start soon enough, you won't have to run to catch up." -Anonymous

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  1. Now, do you understand why I was still trying to dress all "3" of you in holiday/matching outfits.....well past the "normal" age? Too much fun, and like you I kept at it 'til I was forced into none other than my fashionata daughter (you) who insisted she had her own sense of style!


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