Saturday, December 24, 2011


I'm fully engrossed in the Christmas spirit. I'm drinking my special edition chocolate cranberry coffee (ahem, only sold during the holidays) out of my perfectly-sized Christopher Radko mug (thank you Josh!), sitting in a dark room only illuminated by strands of white lights and may or may not be wearing Christmas flannel pants and a red bath robe while listening to Frank Sinatra croon Silent Night (or is that me?).

I heart the holidays. Although our house is decorated top to bottom in decor that shouts "You'd better jingle your bells or else!", I still have plans to add just a touch more. Until then, a glimpse....
 (We had some carrots on the plate but they shriveled up to something scary but 
we'll be sure to replace them before Santa arrives.)
 (After mom kindly insinuated for the past two years that I really should do something 
with those window boxes....well, I did.)
And what would the holidays be unless I got a little crafty??!!
 Don't think Daddy is so crazy about it but we are. 
 (He was so excited when we let him get out at the train station so we could take his picture.
He looooves trains.)

Fortunately, Grammy was in town recently to help us decorate the tree. 
We added color lights for the first time in years. It just screams "festive fun" to me and although I love simple white lights, I was having rainbow envy whenever we would do Christmas light drive-by's. 
 And, the outfits? Be still my heart. There will never, ever be enough holiday fashion to satiate me.
(When the sizing on this Giddy Up and Grow headband from etsy said, "fits woman or toddler", 
I knew it was meant to be ours.)
 (This is her new thing---she says "cheeeeese" as she squints her eyes.)

Hunter appreciates good head wear too.
One of my favorite holiday traditions is our annual trip to Stew Leonard's to find that lucky tree that will spend the next month in our home. 

Shortly after arriving to the store this year, Hunter informed us that he had found the perfect tree.... 
He smartly tested the strength of the needles to make sure they would be strong enough to hold all of Mommy's heavy Christopher Radko ornaments.  
He then proceeded to shake and bang the tree on the ground like Daddy does to enforce the branches to fall so we could get an idea of how this tree would rate on the fullness scale. 
Meanwhile, Mommy is rising high on that fullness scale....
The family agreed that we should take Hunter's tree home along with another fine tree that Daddy selected after challenging the poor Stew Leonard's employee to a competition of who could find the best tree in the shortest amount of time.  I think we all know who won....
After arriving home Daddy unloaded the heavy tree while a couple of us took time for a quick photo shoot.
(This is my childhood Christmas dress. I'm glad my Mom saved so many of my old things!) 
The kids check in daily on our Christmas tree and tell me all about the ornaments they see. 

If you don't have a Hip Swinging Santa and you have kids, you simply must invest in one. He is the cheapest babysitter I've ever hired. 

Last week, Emerson's class at school reminded us how important working together is with the "Sharing Salad" they made for their holiday party. 
Fortunately, Grammy was able to spend some time in the kids' classes and sang some fun songs with all of them. 
Hunter was a proud helper when she came to his class and his teachers begged her to stay longer since the kids fell into a deep trance while she sang to them.  
Over the weeks, numerous trips to our favorite bookstore help keep the spirit alive with holiday themed books and special guest appearances by authors and illustrators. 
Oh, and the classic Christmas movies? We've watched Frosty and Rudolph at least 30 times each and, although I work to limit the television viewing in our household, I find nothing wrong with numerous hours of a good holiday classic for children of any age.   
Aside from the excitement of holiday decorating, activities, and work we had another special occasion come and go. My baby girl turned 19 months old; however, I caught the moment closer to the 20 month mark and, although I beat myself up about it a little I know that life's not perfect and I'm certainly not going to be. But, boy that girl of mine sure is something especially perfect no matter what her age.  
(Cute little pirate booty.)
 There's much more holiday cheer to come but, until then, may your day be merry and bright.

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  1. This last picture of Emerson looks just like you!! SO BEAUTIFUL…both of you!! XO


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